Friday, April 29, 2011

Eat. @ LuxBite

38 Toorak Road South Yarra 3141 ph: 9867 5888

So I stumbled across LuxBite as I visited one of my favourite Baby shops today.  There's quite a buzz about LuxBite on the net and I had thought about visiting, but since it sits right next door to Bebe, I took the opportunity to grab a "luxbite" for late lunch and check out what the fuss is all about.  "Life is Uncertain, Eat Dessert First" exclaimed its window.  Very cute!   From what I gather, the claim to LuxBite's fame is its 16 differently flavoured macarons, from the very asian "kaya toast", to the more adventurous "peanut butter and jelly" and "watermelon yogurt".

The staff tells me LuxBite has been opened for about 4 months.  It is a cute little shop located on the ground floor of an architecture firm.  The shop is bright with natural light and seems like a very pleasant place to have afternoon tea.  It wasn't very busy when we were there so I had no problems with the pram. 

The tea forte I had was an organic english breakfast, and it's one of the nicest cup of organic tea I've ever had.  It came in the cutest (I can't stop using this word here) teapot and teacup set, in a silky teabag topped with a little green leave.  Aesthetically very appealing, and matched by its quality as well!

Unfortunately I could not say the same for my gourmet finger sandwiches.  Let me just say first that I am a "high-tea fanatic" and I'm very fussy about it.  I was enticed by the fact that they make their finger sandwiches fresh on order, and feeling adventurous, I ordered the white anchovy, witlof and avocado.  I really wanted to like it, but the anchovy was really, really REALLY sour (and not salty at all), so much so I basically couldn't taste anything else.  A good amount of fresh avocado might have balanced it out a bit, but the avocado was more of a prepared spread, and did nothing to counter the overpowering pickled taste of the anchovy.  And just to be extra pedantic finger sandwiches are supposed to be completely crustless and cut into thin "fingers" (~about 3 pieces per round).   I still really enjoyed the setting and will have to make a different selection next time.

I took home a pack of 4 macarons to share with Hubby.  It's been ages since I've wanted to pay for macarons.  For $2.50 each, they did look very nice, in comparison to others out there.  My favourite out of this lot was probably the salted caramel, although Hubby felt it wasn't salty enough.  The passionfruit one was quite nice as well, with a subtle flavour and fragrance, as was the strawberry one. The white peach and jasmine one was a bit bland for me.  The filling of the fruit flavoured ones had a consistency of a paste, like that of a japanese mochi.  Overall I thought the macarons were pleasant and probably on par or slightly above the standard of the macraons you can buy out there, but lacked the slight bite/chewiness that I love in macarons, and none of the flavours really hit me and made me definitely have again next time.  Nonetheless my Macaron Monster didn't complain and ate it all up in a jiffy.

From left, white peach and jasmine, passionfruit, salted caramel,
and strawberry macaron.

They also had a few of their watermelon yogurt macarons cut up for trying.  I had a small piece of this.  Quite an interesting flavour!

If macarons don't appeal, they also have an interesting array of cakes available. 

An apple tart called the iTart!

For those looking for a tea for 2, they have a $42 set.

They have also recently started serving breakfast and lunch.  I saw that Eggs Benedict is on the menu - maybe something for me to try next time!

Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends : coming here if you're looking for a cute little place for tea and treat.
Give it a miss : I think you know what I thought of the anchovy finger sandwiches....

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