Friday, March 25, 2011

Eat. @ Seven Seeds

114 Berkeley St, Carlton ph : 93478664

Seven Seeds, for those who are coffee enthusiasts, is one of Mark Dundon's coffee-centric Eateries around town.  For those who are not, this is still a really cool place to have a great cuppa of your choice and grab a bite.

The mocha was one of the best I've ever had.  Too many places make mocha's that are 90% hot chocolate and 10% coffee.  This mocha looked great, was seriously smooth, and just had the most lovely, subtle taste of chocolate to counter the coffee.  I could drink this all day (and not ever need sleep after that I'm sure!)

The Porchetta Baguette was awesome.  Freshly made, the radish and green apple were "just-cut" moist and crunchy, and made a perfect offset for the sweetness of the relish and the tender meatiness of the pork.  I love that you can TASTE that it's freshly made.  At $11.50 it sounds a bit expensive but most decent eateries now charge $10-$12 for baguettes and rolls, and most of those are from a mountain of rolls pre-made earlier in the day.  I thoroughly enjoyed this for brunch!

Seven Seeds was filled with trendy young uni students (ah, I wish this was around when I was at uni!) and cool inner suburb office workers picking up their morning brew.  There were certainly a few trendy parents and their (very fashionably-dressed) bubs.  Prams are no problems in here.  There are a few large communal tables and also lots of smaller tables with seating for 2-3.  Beans are roasted and ground  on site, in the warehouse next to the eatery.  You can also buy bags of beans and take the goodness home with you.

The menu items are limited (Here are the pics of the whole menu), but they will make up for that if all the items are as fresh and well prepared as the baguette.  There's also a selection of cakes and pastries at the counter.

Bike riders and their mode of transport are well looked after!

From the outside you'll barely be able to tell this is a busy Eatery.  Just look out for the flow of trendy coffee fanatics through the deceptively ordinary door making their daily pilgrimage!

Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends : Visiting for the awesome coffee, staying for the feeling of trendiness even if you're not.
Give it a Miss : if you want anything you can't see on the above menus (or the pastries of the day on offer)
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