Saturday, April 23, 2011

Batch #2 - Chocolate Orange Ganache Macarons

A lot happier with my second batch of macarons.  Still not perfect but I think the shape of the shells are nicer than those of the previous batch.

Pink macaron with Chocolate Orange Ganache

Yes the shells are pink again, as requested by the kids; and as they are my main "customers", you'll see pink shells A LOT when I'm making macarons.  The shells from the last batch were a very pale pink and had no relation whatsoever to the flavour.  This time round I knew I wanted to make orange infused dark chocolate ganache filling, so I tried to make orange shells.  Not heavy handed enough so they came out a strange shade of apricot....

Taking pictures of the underside of my macarons makes me feel a bit exposed, since even if the shell looks perfect on top, the bottom can be atrocious (although easily hidden by the filling!)  I find the bottom part hard to perfect and are often too soft.  I have been doubling up my trays as per many of the recipes I've read about, but it's true that every oven is different.  I get better shells when I just bake with one tray.

The major problem I had with this batch was the ganache.  Ganache attempt number 1 went into the bin.  I was trying the recipe on the masterchef website using butter as well as chocolate and cream.  The whole thing separated into an oily mess and so I had to toss it.  Attempt number 2 using only cream and chocolate worked much better.  The flavour of the macarons were not bad but I'm not impressed by the orange flavour I got using essence, and will have to figure out a better way of infusing flavours into the ganache.

Plate of macarons!  Happy feet make me happy!

Lessons Learned :
  • The shells will lighten in color after being baked, so don't be afraid to use a bit more coloring. 
  • Have spare ingredients on hand in case something stuffs up, or else you or Hubby will have to drive and pick up some more at the shops in a hurry!

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