My Photography

I love photography, and if you follow me on instagram you'll see that I love pictures of food, clouds, and quirky things in general that I come across in my everyday life.  Those of you who are purists may also scoff at the fact that I say I love photography, yet my blog photos are taken with my iPhone. 

To be honest I would love to be able to whip out my DSLR and snap away when we go out to eat, but  my hands are full as I really do make an effort to keep my 1-3 kids in check when we're out so other patrons aren't disturbed, so everyone (including us) can enjoy the dining experience.  And lugging around my big camera isn't very practical when I have already maxed out my bag space with kiddie paraphernalia for 3!

The other reason is that I used to spend quite a bit of time editing my photos and uploading them (so very slowly) onto Blogger and it started making blogging a chore, rather than the creative outlet that I craved.  I quite like the slightly moody/grungy/rustic look of my old iPhone photos and has always used the square format, even before instagram came along!  With the rapid advances in phone camera technology I only need to do very little to edit the photos for the blog now, so it's been a real time saver.

My macaron photos however, are usually taken when all the kidlets are asleep so I get to play Donna Hay and muck around with food styling and apertures to my heart's content!

For those who are interested, from about mid 2012 my photos were usually taken with the iPhone 5 using the inbuilt camera app or the Camera+ app.  Since then I have upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus and to be honest the inbuilt camera takes pretty decent photos with very little editing needed when in good light.   Having taken most of the photos with the kids going "hurry up Mummy I WANT TO EAT!!!!" and therefore often in a rush and in less then ideal lighting, I have often jiggled the brightness and contrast by using the Snapseed app, or even just the instagram app when posting there.  Prior to that most of my out and about photos are taken with the Hipstamatic App, using the Helga Viking Lens and the Kodot XGrizzled Film, although I have really enjoyed the "made for foodies" Loftus Lens.

DSLR wise I use a Canon 50D.  It's a bit old now but it still does its job.  It's only me who has been too lazy to take it travelling with us!

Anyway, hope you continue to enjoy the photos and my musings.


  1. I've taken some excellent shots on my iphone! It's not the camera, it's the technique :) Love your pics!

    1. Thanks Neeno!! Apps on phones have made taking pics with them so much more fun nowadays!!