Thursday, July 7, 2011

Batch #12 - Cosmic Blue Macarons

(with Burch & Purchese Salted Caramel & Mixed Berry Buttercream)

These macaron shells are really, really blue.  Hubby and I are planning to *possibly* make a blue macaron tower next month, and since we've found being light-handed with the coloring can mean grey-toned shells, this time round we were going to make them as blue as we can tolerate.  As a result I have a batch of macarons fit for a village of smurfs!

The macronage was a nice sky blue.

Pretty intense after piping.

Resultant tray of blue macaron shells!  I love the evenly sized and shaped shells from this batch!

I filled half of them with the awesome Salted Caramel Spread I got from Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio last week.  (Lazy but smart I say!), and the other half I filled with a Mixed Berry Swirl Butter Cream.  I wanted a more zingy berry taste but didn't want to spend buckets on berries, so I ended up using some frozen berries from Costco (much more economical and still really good quality)!  I heated up the berries, whizzed it with the stick mixer, and swirled it through a vanilla butter cream I made.  Happy to say this is much more tangy, and in my opinion, nicer than the blueberry jam option. 

I'm taking some to share with friends at our play date tomorrow.  I hope they don't get scared off by the intense alien cosmic color!

Lessons Learned -
  • Yes I think they are too blue.  Will be less heavy handed next time.
  • I think the secret to neat feet on the shells is in the temperature control of the oven.  I'm happier with the feet on the bottom macaron (mixed berry) in the picture below.  But still finding it hard to consistently achieve.

Blue, Blue Macarons!

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  1. Your macarons have pretty little feet, they look like the perfect shade of blue to me :)