Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eat. @ St Ali

18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne ph : 9686 2990

St Ali was one of the first places we visited, prior to marriage, babies and prams, that centred on coffee - the simple yet intricate process of coffee appreciation, from the sourcing and roasting of the beans, to the delicate coffee art.  Fast forward 8 years on, we have had all of the above, and St Ali has also undergone a few changes.  No longer under the helm of Mark Dundon, with a much bigger menu and larger, more crowded dining area, St Ali has become a must-visit for Melbourne coffee fanatics.  Yet the sense of familiarity is still there, with the casual white washed walls of the warehouse, the smell of the coffee, and the casual friendly staff.

This is the best mocha I have had in recent memory.  So smooth, perfect amount of chocolate, and not a hint of bitterness.  I never have more than one coffee at a time but for the first time I was soooo tempted to have another!

The Pork Me - Crispy Pork Belly Baguette with pickled cucumber, carrot, coriander, spinach and wasabi mayonnaise was delicious but extremely filling.  Much like the pork belly sandwich I had at Proud Mary, I could only eat half and I was stuffed!  The accompaniments gave the baguette a fresh taste, and was reminiscent of the Vietnamese Pork Rolls you can get on Victoria St.  However this was much more expensive - at $20.90 this is much more than I would pay for an average lunch!

Lots of other things to try on the menu.  From brekkie fare like muesli to full on lunch items including soup, pizza, and burgers, all with cute names like Moo Sanga (scotch fillet sandwich), Oceans Eleven (fish and chips), Chickadee (chicken burger) and Dutch Oven (beans and toast, hahahaha!)  There are sweet things available at the counter for a light snack with your drink.

The staff were all extremely friendly and helpful.  There are however 2 steps at the front which can be challenging with a pram, but the other patrons all seem very casual and helpful and I had lots of help getting the pram in and out of the front door.

Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends - The Mocha!
Give it a Miss - for the slightly exorbitant prices.

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Toilets - yes, but no change facilities

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