Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eat. @ Miss Marmalade

126 Union St, Brunswick 3056 ph : (03) 9388 8202

We have been really keen to come and check out Miss Marmalade since reading about it on Melbourne Gastronome.  We finally made it down during this lovely week of unseasonably (but most welcomed) warm weather.  Our thoughts? We should have visited this gem of a cafe much earlier!!!

Most of the patrons were taking advantage of the blue skies and grabbing a bite and a cuppa out front.  The front part of the store is dark, cool and beautifully decorated.  I have a thing for vintage bus rolls and the big one hanging on the wall is both nostalgic and modern-cool at once.  I can imagine catching up with some friends for a coffee here.  Or maybe indulgently just me and the paper!

However, my brekkie companions today are much younger and the staff took us down to the  backroom which had been renovated to cater for families.  In contrast, this room is bright, lovely and cosy and not in a play-centre tacky sort of way (thank goodness!)  A perfect place for Mummy-Get-Togethers.  Bubs in Pram got an Ikea highchair, and Macaron Monster went straight for the blackboard.  That left one happy Mummy to take a seat, and yes, take pictures!

I had my usual mocha while checking out the menu.  Excellent Five Senses Coffee made perfectly.

Macaron Monster is obviously going through a babycino phase. (Her third this week!)  This was served in a little cup with a marshmallow. ($1)

I ordered the Big Breakfast to share with the kids.  This was 2 free range eggs as you'd like (we had ours poached), housemade beans, avocado crush, braised mushrooms, chipolatas, and tomato relish on organic toast. ($17.50) A very pleasant version.  I would've liked a bit more of the scrumptious avocado crush if I was to be picky, but otherwise this hit the spot well.  It'd be too much for just me but worked well with sharing.  They also serve a separate kid's breakfast which is one egg, bacon and a piece of toast ($7.50).

I usually pack my big pencil case full of color pens, paper and books to keep my little ones occupied while we're out and about.  (Yes, from Daiso!)  If you forget to bring yours they have Cafe Kids Entertainment Packs for sale too,  although the gorgeous set up they have in the back room certainly kept my kids well occupied.

With all the controversy about dining out with kids these days, it's fantastic to see a cafe like Miss Marmalade manage it so well.  Families can have a cosy area to enjoy their great coffee and meal while the kids are entertained, and singles and couples can enjoy their cuppas in relative peace in the front room.  All with great coffee, yummy food and a friendly, relaxed attitude.  See, we CAN all get along!

Eat.Play.Shop.Recommends : the mocha here is one of the top 3 I've had in Melbourne.
Give it a Miss : no reason to!

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Toilet - Yes, and they even have a change table!
Highchair - Yes, Ikea type


  1. Glad my recommendation resulted in success for you and the kids!

  2. Thanx for taking time to have a peek here, Claire ;)