About Eat.Play.Shop.

2016 and I finally sit down to write a proper "about us" blurb (!)

I started blogging in 2010, a few months after my third baby was born.  At the time I was feeling uninspired, in a cycle of poor quality sleep, juggling work, kids and life in general.  To add fuel to the fire, my then work place was unpleasant to say the least. To convince myself to stay put and keep working, if only to pay the bills, I allowed myself to go out and brunch once a week with my baby in a pram, and started the blog to write down how the meal went down and whether the place was kid-friendly.  I loved that I got to write and be creative, which is a part of me that I never got to nurture through my years of study and subsequent work.  I ventured into documenting my trials and errors in learning the self taught art of macaron making on the blog, and subsequently dabbled in some recipe writing when I became a Thermomix owner.  The blog has grown with my babies and has become a part of our lives in the last 5 years. The kids have grown to embrace the sense of adventure that comes with exploring new places, new cuisine and most important of all the virtue of patience to let Mummy take photos of the food before anyone touches anything!

I am now working in a wonderful work place that has re-ignited my passion for my work.  The Eat.Play.Shop. blog will always be a place for me to have fun with my writing and photography, and as I have never used it to generate income, I have been able to grow it as a hobby that has given me a lot of freedom and opportunities.  I am constantly learning, and very grateful to have "met" many friends through the rapidly blossoming social media platforms that have become an integral part of blogging in the past few years.

In 2016 my youngest baby started school (!) and after a brief hiatus Eat.Play.Shop. to deal with my health the blog has been relaunched, with a new lovely colour scheme and more fun elements.  I look forward to many more yummy experiences and non-food inspirations with you on the blog in the future!   Do be friendly and drop us a line or two!


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