Friday, January 27, 2012

Eat. @ Beatrix

 688 Queensberry St, North Melbourne ph :(03) 9090 7301

Beat-ers at Beatrix, cute!

Hubby graciously offered to look after the 2 littler ones while Mini Me and I had a little date of our own last weekend.  It's so nice to sit back, just the two of us, and have some fun sharing a bite, without having to worry about the younger two being noisy or trying to roam around.  Mini Me loves "Mummy Time" and I constantly worry that I don't get to pay each of them enough individual attention.  So for this "special adventure", we headed somewhere new, somewhere I hadn't been with anyone else.  Inspired by all the fantastic pictures on instagram of the goodies on offer there, we headed down to Beatrix in North Melbourne.

Beatrix is a little corner store that offers coffee, ciabattas, and some seriously mouth watering, old fashioned baked goodies.  So good I almost wanted to skip lunch and go straight to dessert!

But I'm glad I didn't.  The daily specials board proudly lists the ciabattas of the day, usually a meat and a vegetarian option.  I picked "The Brad", which was barbecue flavoured slow roasted Berkshire pork belly with smokey sauce, corn aioli, buttermilk slaw and pork scratchings. ($12.5 for a small serving, also available at $14 for large)

You can insert your own inappropriate joke here, but The Brad is pretty big!   We had the small serving, but it was still enough for the 2 of us to share.  All the ingredients were delicious, but the "pork scratchings", which is crumbled crackling, made this a pretty special roll!  Mini Me had this "deconstructed" and loved it.

Despite the 30+ degree heat I had a mocha, which was very pleasant.

We were spoilt for choice with all the different baked goods on display.  From whoopie pies and red velvet cupcakes, to giant cookies and chocolate brownies, everything looked delicious.  

We settled on the awesome looking lime angel food cake in the end, as it looked so fluffy and light, perfect for this hot summer day!

Love the old fashioned plates and cutlery!

Mini Me and I agreed that "it tasted like what clouds would taste like if we could eat it".

Seating inside is limited but there's enough space for a stroller or two, and there are tables outside which would be most pleasant on a nice day. 

Then there's always take away if Beatrix is packed by its adoring locals! 

The rest of the angel food cake did not last the car trip
into the city!

Eat.Play.Shop. says - A gorgeous, old fashioned little corner store with good, robust ciabattas for lunch and a mouth watering array of baked goodies.  You lucky people in North Melbourne have yet another great little local meeting place!  

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  1. I would have gone for the Brad too (and nothing to do with the name I promise! :P).

  2. That's so lovely that you make the time to spend one-on-one time with your daughter. I know it's not always easy. And she would have had the best time! Looks like you found a great little spot in North Melbourne.

    1. Thanx! I love one on one time with my kids and I miss it when we don't get a healthy dose of it once in a while!

  3. Wowsa. The Brad looks amazing. :D

  4. Oh how I adore Angel Food Cake! I've never seen it anywhere here though! Sadface.

    1. I have been inspired to make this at home, hopefully I'll perfect it and blog about it soon!

  5. Oh Brad *swoons* You are so..... massive... Hee hee Hee