Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eat. @ Porgie + Mr Jones

291 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn 3122 ph : (03) 9882 2955

Firstly let me apologise for the strange tinge to the photos.  I didn't realise that the Macaron Monster is quite capable of changing the lens option on Hipstamatic until after we left!

Porgie + Mr Jones is the (big) sister eatery started by the same wonderful crew of Friends of Mine and Snow Pony.  We found a similar high quality of coffee and food at this lovely little shop, giving those in the Hawthorn area a fantastic little shop as their "local".

A variety of jams and drinks for sale, with their own range of relishes and chutneys.

Macaron Monster and I were seated at a communal table near the wall, with Bubs in Pram parked adjacent/behind me. The shop is fairly crowded and a pram can be difficult to manoeuvre, but this was made up by the friendly staff and their enthusiasm to keep us comfortable.  Certainly very tolerant of me + 2, although not extremely kid-friendly due to limited floor space.  A door at the back of the store, as in Snow Pony, opens into a warren of small dining "rooms" but we did not venture that far into the store.

The menu is very similar to that of the other 2 eateries.  The McPorgie is identical to the McPony @ Snow Pony.   I decided to go for the Smashed Avocado with Thyme Buttered Mushrooms, Marinated Feta and Tomato Basil on Wholegrain Toast.  An unusual choice for me as I'm no fan of the fungus, but Smashed Avocado is so the new black of breakfast dishes nowadays, so how could I not give it a go.  The avocado, mushrooms and feta went smashingly well together *cheeky grin*.  A lovely mix of soothing avocado and earthy, buttery mushrooms, countered by the salty bite of the feta.  A hit with the Macaron Monster, who usually doesn't like anything but poached eggs and ham!

The Mocha cannot be faulted, comparable to the high standards I've experienced at Mr Jones' other Eateries.

The freshly squeezed orange juice was lovely and sweet, served in a good sized quaint brown bottle, adored by the Macaron Monster, and at $4.50, much better value than the one at Cornelius.

Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends : the Smashed Avocado.  A new favourite ;)
Give it a Miss : again, if you want to pay by credit.  This is cash only.

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Highchair - No
Toilets - Yes

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