Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eat. @ Little Beijing House

144 Canterbury Rd, Blackburn South ph : (03) 9878 9784

I think every culture have their own versions of "Peking Duck", be it the Greek Souvalaki, the Mexican Burrito, or even the Harajuku Crepe!   Peking Duck remains my favourite type of "wrap'em-ups", and when our friends asked us to try this place out in the 'burbs, we jumped at the opportunity to have a duck feast!

Situated in a quiet shopping strip in sleepy Blackburn South, Little Beijing House is very much in the vein of Fitzroy's Old Kingdom - tables and chairs packed back to back in a little shop with little decor, everyone in the room essentially ordering the one best dish - the duck. 

And what a great duck dish it wass!  The duck was appealing to the cantonese palate (ie/ much less fatty than the real Beijing version), with crispy skin and moist, tasty duck meat. 

"Tastefully" garnished with slices of orange.  Awesome duck though!
The crepes here are obviously hand-made, and delightfully thin.  I really enjoyed this, as one of my pet peeves is poorly made, thick pastry.  This went perfectly with the crispy duck skin!

My finished product, after wrapping with cucumber and a very good peking duck sauce.  The kids all seemed to have a good time wrapping, "decorating" and eating them!

The accompanying duck soup is very "ducky" and peppery.

You can also choose to have the duck meat served with noodles.  We were charged an extra $8 for each plate.  Fairly ordinary in comparison to the spectacular Peking Duck course.  However I'm biased as both dishes were distinctly flavoured with Chinese mushrooms, which I'm not a fan of.

I think most people come here for the duck, so all the other items in the menu are all not every exciting in comparison.  We had a beef with vegies dish which was fairly standard "Chinese take-away" fare.

We were there for the first sitting and by the time we were ready to leave, the restaurant was literally packed wall to wall with patrons all munching away on their duck.  The restaurant is very cramped and they have no highchairs, so it might be difficult for parents with pram-bound babies and wandering toddlers.  Having said that their service was very fast, and after some initial table-hopping, we had no problems once we were seated and food was ordered.  It would help if someone in  your party spoke mandarin, as some of the staff had difficulties with us making requests in English, outside of the normal menu items.

Thank you to our wonderful friends for asking us to share a great meal with them.  Loved your company, the conversations, the friendship, and not least of all your understanding that bloggers have to take pictures of their food BEFORE ANYONE TOUCHES ANYTHING!

Eat.Play.Shop. Says : Come for the duck, not the decor.  Although the Santa decoration on the wall may be for Christmas in July???
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Toilets - Yes
Highchairs - No 

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