Monday, January 24, 2011

Shop. @ Daiso

The Hive, 313 Victoria Street Abbotsford VIC 3067ph : (03) 9429 4567

I love Daiso.  $2.80 for everything???  Absolutely appeals to the bargain hunter in me.  And
I grew up in the era when everything from Japan is just that bit cooler, trendier and just plain better, than stuff from anywhere else in the world.  Daiso is the biggest chain of 100 Yen stores in Japan and in 2010 its first store opened in Australia.  And for $2.80, those Japanese people sure have lots of ideas for little gadgets (yes, another one of my loves!)

Look away if you're a dentist!

Situated in The Hive, a new mini-shopping centre in the heart of Victoria St, Abbotsford, Daiso's first store is an average sized store on the second level of this building.  It is jam packed full of stuff!  There are isles of stationery, lollies and drinks, health and beauty products, storage boxes, cooking utensils, cleaning products, cutlery and crockery, toys and craft items.  I could keep listing but you get the idea, or better still just have a look at the photos!

Colorful stationery, my kids could stand here all day!

All sorts of hair ties - they don't get restocked often, so buy it if you want it now!

Rows of Japanese Crockery, not quite "Made In Japan", but quite a bit cheaper!

It's very easy to fill up your basket with stuff thinking it's only$2.80 for each item!

Storage solutions galore, enough to make you want to get organised!

Toys Toys Toys!

There is parking available in the basement, and the first hour is free if you validate your ticket at Aldi or Woolworths (and I presume you have to buy something there....)  Otherwise it's $2.90 for the first hour, and $6 for two.

And my very own periodic table mugs from a previous visit!
Very "Dr Sheldon Cooper" of me, I know! (PS - Geeks rule!)
Now if only they would open a Muji here.......

Eat. Play. Shop. Recommends : their children's craft stuff and stationery, their food cutters for creating interesting sandwiches and bento boxes
Give it a miss : if you have to bring a pram, the aisles are pretty narrow and I've seen parents barely get a stroller in, especially when they're busy and the aisles are packed.  Use your baby bjorn/sling instead.

Check out the blog post on Daiso at Home Made Home Baked here.

Edit : 26th May 2011 - Woohoo!!!! Daiso has arrived at Westfield Doncaster.   Check out my post on it here!

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