Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eat. @ Momotaro Rahmen

 392 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121  Phone : (03)9421 1661

Kid size Shoyu Rahmen

In Japanese Folklore, Momotaro is a boy who floated  down the river in a giant peach (momo), sent from heaven, to a childless couple who adopted him and gave him his name.  He went on to slay some monsters, demons and such with a dog, a monkey and a chook who became his friends on the way there.  Thus explains the giant peach on the sign for Momotaro Rahmen. 

Momotaro's Menu - specials & kid size menu also available
We love rahmen.  For one thing my kids love noodles of any sort, be it rahmen, soba, spaghetti, rice vermicelli - and therefore we know we'll definitely be able to find something for them to eat.  For another you can probably tell by now that I like Japanese food, so it was with excitement that we headed for the famed Momotaro Rahmen.  I have to say Japanese Eateries actually run by Japanese people already score a few points for me ;)

The shop is of average size and seats about 20 at small tables and also at the counter (see photo).  It was early in the evening and we managed to get the pram in there but it was pretty tight.  There are a couple of tables on the sidewalk that might be a better option if the shop is busy and full of people and steaming bowls of noodles!  Community posters and retro furniture gives the shop a slightly nostalgic, local vibe.

We ordered 2 bowls of tonkotsu rahmen and the bowls were face-basin huge.  We also ordered 2 child sized serves of the rahmen and these were more like the normal size bowls of noodles you would order everywhere else.  The noodles were fresh and cooked al dente, and the soup was nice, comfortable but probably not spectacular.  They were not outstanding bowls of rahmen but fairly pleasant and a good cheap feed all round at $11 a bowl.  Vegetables like corn and bean shoots complimented the thinly sliced pieces of pork nicely, and made it a fairly healthy meal. (Could probably do with another few slices of tonkatsu given the size of the bowl of rahmen though!)

Tonkotsu Rahmen, with the kid sized one in the background

There were also other meal options including gyozas, takoyaki, and some rice dishes on offer if you don't feel like noodles.


The kitchen is situated at the back and is open to the rest of the shop, which filled the dining area with the fantastic aroma of the soup.  However the down side to this is that the shop gets very hot.  It was a beautiful 24 degrees outside on the day we went there, but inside the shop it felt more like 30+ degrees.  I guess that may be an UP side on cold wintery days!

Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends : The tonkotsu rahmen, when you're very very vey hungry.
Give it a Miss : on really warm days.

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Highchair : available, of the Ikea type
No babychange facilities