Friday, June 10, 2011

Eat. @ Gingerboy

27 Crossley St, Melbourne CBD 3000 Ph : (03) 9662 4200

Gingerboy is Teage Ezard's Hawker style Eatery, where he's thrown all his experiences in Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian and all other South East Asian cuisine together, and produced a changing menu of modern yet traditional dishes.  We have successfully brought the Little One here before, and this time, Bubs in Pram came along as well (albeit minus the pram).  The dishes here, as the waiter are keen to tell you if it's your first visit, are shared plates as opposed to proper courses.  As in traditional Asian meals, the dishes are placed in the centre of the table, and portions are divvied up into each diner's plate.

The interior is much like Gingerboy's cuisine : slightly "grown-up" (read : a bit dark), ultra modern (sleek plastic chairs matched with red tassel curtains and fairy lights), with touches of Asian tradition (gorgeous bamboo lined walls and ceiling).

Half an hour later and the place was chockers full of lunchers.

First up were the Son-in-law eggs, Chilli Jam and Asian Herbs.  I have been hanging out for these since I was preggers last time we were here and couldn't have them as they have runny centres.  But what magnificent, sweet, runny yolks they are, coupled with the beautiful chilli jam - definitely worth the wait!

3 son-in-law eggs, sitting in a dish. 
Came across a few interesting theories on how the dish got its name!

The chilli jam complemented the awesome sweet runny yolks well.

The Salt and Pepper Chicken Spare Ribs, with Green Chilli Soy is a guilty, moreish treat! 

The Fried Whole Baby Snapper, Roast Chilli and Lime Dressing with Mango and Lychee Salad came with a bowl of rice to share.  The salad was delightful and fresh, offsetting the lovely and soft snapper in its spicy sauce.  The Little One had the fish without the sauce (as it's hot) with rice.

The waitress deboned the fish for us.

The Red Duck Leg Curry, Shallots, Thai Basil and Coconut Cream is one of the best duck curries we've had (Hubby also likes the one at Pearl).  The crispy duck leg is covered in the delicious, thick curry sauce, which is rich and fragrant with flavour.  A small serve of this goes a long way, especially with the rice!

The lemon squash here is always refreshing, and I find it great to offset the heaviness of the duck curry.

Like Ezard's, Gingerboy's dessert plate is a great way to sample their various sweet offerings.  Previous highlights include the raspberry and lime splice, and their take on the Banana Fritter made with Pandan.  We didn't end up ordering dessert today, as Bubs was getting restless.  

We were the only table with children there, and the staff were fabulous and very helpful with us.  Mind you we also did our very best to make sure the kiddies were well behaved, using a variety of toys and snacks (for Bubs) to entertain them.  While we had a great meal and the staff were very tolerant, this isn't the type of place to bring the kids and have them run around.  The patrons are mostly business lunchers and adults having a midday catch up.   Nonetheless we had another fantastic meal here.  Highly recommended, especially if you're planning a kiddie-free meal.

Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends : The Son-in-Law eggs.  Simple idea, perfectly executed.
Give it a Miss : if you're bringing more than one or two older (and better behaved) kids

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Toilets - Yes, upstairs, no change facilities of course
Highchairs - No

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  1. Sigh... it was a shame the duck curry I had was dry and extremely disappointing. I was also put off by their dessert. Gingerboy has so much potential and is definitely on a high peddle-stool when compared with Chin Chin... I wish the chef could put a little more effort.

    Have a read?僵姜尸子/