Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eat. @ Caffe Cino

2 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf 3006 ph : (03) 9027 2000

We stopped and had lunch at Caffe Cino the last time we were at South Wharf DFO, which I had visited for the first time only a few weeks ago and quickly fallen in love with! (It's way better than what Spencer Street DFO used to be, and the parking is much more reasonable at $2/hr with any purchase!)  Caffe Cino is the Hilton Hotel's little cafe and is a surprisingly good spot to grab a bite with the kids as a break from the shopping!

It has a mix of large communal dining tables and smaller square tables.  The cafe is quite spacious and pram friendly.

It has the standard cafe offerings of baguettes and sandwiches, salads, pies and quiches, with hot and cold drinks and a few sweets.

The mocha is fairly average, but not offensive.

The chicken baguettes is very pleasant and a hit with the kids, who loved the slightly chewy bread and a delicious and fresh filling of chicken, mayo and greens.

The real winner was the BLT though.  The crispy bacon was nicely cooked  (we like them crispy but not burnt!) and there was a decent amount, unlike most BLT which usually only contain a thin slice of bacon. 

The rolls were around $10 each, which is not exorbitant considering that I spent $8.90 on the most awful chicken and avo sandwich from Healthy Habits in the South Wharf DFO food court the week before.  There was a nice ambiance, and perhaps because it was a nice day and we were in a Hotel cafe, there was almost a holiday feel to the meal.  Certainly the other patrons were quite tolerant of the kids and pram, and everyone there seemed to have a smile on their face!

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Toilets - in the hotel lobby round the corner, very, VERY clean!
Highchair - didn't seem to have one but we didn't ask, as the pram pulled up nicely next to our table.

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