Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shop. @ Myer Melbourne & Eat. @ Brunetti Myer

Bourke St Mall, CBD
Brunetti (03) 9661 1380

Myer Melbourne recently re-opened after its major "facelift".  I don't think there's anyone in Melbourne who would've never shopped here before.  The old building and set up was certainly very aged, dark, and not conducive to spending.  The new look Myer is certainly a welcome and much needed upgrade.

I'm not going to blog about every single department, so I'll just mention the ones I tend to spend most time at!  Walking in through the main entrance on Bourke St, you soon notice the major change in the store layout is that there's a massive atrium area going all the way up to the top floor with a dazzling glass roof.  This means that the building is much more brightly lit by natural light (during the day) and gives the whole area a very open feel, and in my opinion, a lot more like department stores overseas.

Had shaky feet looking down from top level.....

The top 2 floors house the Audiovisual department as well as the Apple Shop.  (Convince the husband to let you shop by dropping him off here!)  Very open feel, lots of latest products, what's not to like?

The 3rd floor is where we spend most time.  It houses the toy department, the children's clothing department, as well as a very nice and clean parents room.

Wide aisles and open plan display makes it easy for kids and prams.

Also on the 3rd floor is Brunetti Myer.  A very clever position for the cafe to be housed.  It is ALWAYS busy, and brings to Myer a bit of the original Brunetti in Carlton, and of course with it some of the coffee crowd.  

Ice Chocolate and Affogato

Decision making can be hard with their display of cakes and pastries!

Brunetti's custard cream is awesome,
and they use it well in their mignons, cannoli's, bigne di giuseppi's....

Hazelnut Torte

Tiramisu Cup, not cheap at $8.

Also a major source of customers will be the scores of children attracted to Brunetti by their colorful gelati.  Their brightly colored macraons also look quite tempting, but I have not been able to bring myself to spend $2.50 for a macaron since I started making them.

Brunetti Myer has a Kids Combo which is Ham and Cheese Toastie + Kids Juice + Mini Cake for $12.90.

Here's my brush with celebrity - Dennis Walter was broadcasting live for 3AW.

Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends : definitely worth a visit.  You can eat, play and shop here for quite a while.
Give it a miss : if you don't like looking for parking in the city.

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