Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eat. @ Market Lane Coffee

163 Commercial Road, Prahran 3141 (@Prahran Market) ph : (03) 9804 7434

I visited Praharan Market recently and found a treasure trove of new food-related things to love, not in the least is this beautifully minimalistic coffee specialist, Market Lane Coffee. 

These guys are really serious about coffee.  In this busy world of multi-tasking, instant gratification, and often way too many choices and options, it's actually really refreshing to see such a dedicated and single minded approach to the one thing that is important to them.  And that, is coffee.

I am the first to admit that I'm no coffee connoisseur.  I appreciate a good brew, and all I look for in a cup is consistency, pleasant taste, and no bitterness.  Coffee here is the main star.  To the point that there is no mocha here, just pure coffee.  I must admit I started to drink mochas as they are more forgiving if the beans and the baristas are not up to the tip-top standards of the awesome coffee places around Melbourne. 

I love a good flow chart!  Coffee explained!

I had a latte on the day, coupled with two gorgeous looking macarons The  coffee was perfect.  Smooth, lovely and no bitter after taste.  Beautiful latte art, with a cute little spoon.  If coffee is like this everywhere I'll gladly give up mochas and have lattes instead. 

The macarons, sourced from La Tropizienne, were fantastic as expected.  (Yes, one of my top picks for macarons in Melbourne!)  I had the Blackcurrant and Salted Caramel.  Very different but delicious in flavours, and both very well made and beautiful looking. 

The space occupied by Market Lane Coffee is spacious and well lit by natural light.   Enthusiastic but unintrusive service with a smile, a relaxed atmosphere coupled with quiet and soothing background (ie/non-elevator) music added to the ambience.

I loved the look of the large communal table, with storage buckets neatly stacked in the background working double-duty as funky decor.

Bubs was quite comfortable in the stroller pulled up to the table.  I couldn't see any high chairs, but did spot a make-shift booster obviously fashioned by an ingenious mum having a cuppa with a little one before me!

Being so coffee-centric, food takes a backseat as an accompaniment, and a small offering of treats to go with the main attraction is available.  I had no need for a babycino on the day so I'm not sure if this is offered, but the sweet treats look quite kid-friendly.

Eat.Play.Shop. Says -  Excellent coffee and relaxed ambience makes Market Lane Coffee a pretty special place for a "pit-stop" while shopping at the Prahran Market. 

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  1. Ahhh... What a great idea to spend the morning at Prahran market before heading to Market Lane for a quick cuppa or brekkie sesh! I really love the huge open spaces inside the cafe. Doesn't feel as cramped as the other great coffee places in Melb. Huge plus for me. Gotta give this place a try now. You're right, the latte art IS beautiful! =)

  2. Lovely write up. I'm really liking these funk photos you have on the blog!