Sunday, December 11, 2011

Eat. @ Coin Laundry

6 Armadale St, Armadale 3143 ph : (03) 9500 1888

Coin Laundry is not in my neck of the woods, but I have heard so many good things about this place that I made the trek there with Bubs the other week.   It was a lazy Friday morning and we arrived just after 10am, but this cafe was already chockers full of brunchers and coffee drinkers.

I usually venture out to known popular cafes on a week day (much to Hubby's disappointment) to avoid the weekend queues, and was quite tempted to leave after waiting for 20 minutes for a table.  Fortunately I was also too lazy to go somewhere else, as the wait was definitely worth it! (It helped that Bubs was really well behaved on this occasion!)

I had plenty of time to admire the decor while I waited.  You don't have to be a genius to figure out that the cafe is housed in a building that was a coin laundry in its previous life.  The cloth lined ceiling is a salute to this fact, and adds to the vintage chic look to the cafe.

A large communal table saw a rapid turnover of coffee-toting patrons. The Mo-vember inspired, mustashioed staff were all lovely and apologetic for my wait, and I appreciated their thoughtfulness to try and accommodate us at one of the smaller tables for better pram access.  Their side-walk tables are also good options for parents with prams and young kids, but on the day they were filled with pet owners and large groups.  

Mo-vember Decorations - $5 donations by patrons will
score a mustache for the wall.

My mocha arrived swiftly while I checked out the menu.  Great quality coffee here, so it's no wonder there's a constant stream of people coming for caffeine-to-go as well as diners ordering seconds and thirds (probably contributes to the wait!)

I ordered the House Cured Ocean Trout, Potato Croquette, Pickled Zucchini, Beetroot Puree, Lemon Yogurt and Poached Egg ($17.5).  OH MY, what a fantastic breakfast combo!  I loved every ingredient in this dish, and everything went so well together.   The cured trout was lovely without being too fishy, and the zucchini gave a well balanced but contrasting sour zing.  The poached egg was beautifully done, the beetroot puree offered a different level of flavour and texture to the other ingredients, and the potato croquette gave a "crunchy" dimension to the dish.  This is probably my favourite breakfast dish out of all the ones I've had this year.

I didn't have time to sample the sweets, but I checked out a great selection of goodies while I waited, which I know my kids would love to sample next time we're here. 

Coin Laundry is also famed for their steak sandwiches, which are served after midday for lunch.  I have no doubt we will be returning to try this out at some stage for Hubby's benefit!  (No there won't be any complaints from me!)

Eat.Play.Shop. Says - well worth the wait.   The Ocean Trout dish is enough to entice me back to Armadale again in the near future!

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Highchairs - No


  1. Oh my... That IS a fantastic combo. I don't know which I'd love more, the trout or the croquette. I seriously love the movember initiative/display on the wall. Why haven't I heard of this place before! Though, just like you, this isn't anywhere near my neighbourhood but I hope to try it out someday. They seem to know what they're doing and do it really well!

  2. I loved this place too, but maybe not the wait? I still want to head back to have some espresso butter with walnut bread!

  3. i love the less popular places :) because I find the popular places to be too busy on the weekends and sometimes the quality of food drops.
    The food here looks really GREAT! The wait can be a bit annoying... but for good food i'm happy to wait ~

  4. omg YOU MUST GO for the steak sanga!!