Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eat. @ Home - Thankyou.co Food

If you've been out and about eating and drinking, no doubt you would've come across Thankyou Water.  Did you know that Thankyou.co is a social enterprise that exists for the sole purpose of funding aid projects in developing countries?  I was thrilled to receive a package recently to try out some of their goodies as they expand their repertoire with the introduction of the new Thankyou Food range.  

If you've ever read the blurb on the left side of this blog you'd know that Mini Me is a big fan of Callum Hann from Masterchef Season 2.  He went on to win Masterchef All Stars, become the Director of Sprout Cooking School, and has now gone on to develop the new range of Thankyou Food products which includes museli, nut bars and oats, all proudly "made with love" in Australia. 

We're lucky in Australia to have such an abundance of foods, in both quantity, quality and choice.   In contrast there are many in the world who don't even have enough to eat.  Thankyou.co Food gives us an opportunity to do a little bit to help change the world.  Every product you buy from their range has a unique tracking code, which you can enter in the web app found on http://thankyou.co/projects to track the progress of the food project your purchase has funded. 

My family of taste-testers couldn't wait to get into the goodies.  The first thing we tried was the Jam-Packed Nut Bar with quinoa and chia seeds. Unbeknownst to me, Hubby had found the pack and started munching on one before I got a chance to take some pictures!  The bars are packed with superfoods you can actually see and are really tasty.  You'd never even know you're eating something that might be good for you!  

The other product we tried was the Apple and Apricot Clusters with pepitas and cinnamon.  Mini Me is an ultra slow breakfast eater and getting all the kids off to school in the morning on time is one of my biggest chores!  Having the kids eat their brekkie without nagging is a small victory.  The clusters have gone down really well this week and in fact today Mini Me had a bowl of this after school as a snack, which surely is a testament to its taste!  

Bubs photobombing, trying to get at the Clusters!

Thankyou.co Food fund short term food aid, as well as long-term sustainable food projects for someone in need.  Good for my health, good for my soul, I will definitely be trying the other flavours once they become available at my local supermarkets this month! 

Disclaimer : I received the Thankyou.co food products in this post courtesy of Thankyou.co and  AMPR Public Relations.  Opinions are my own.


  1. Mmmmmm Jam-Packed Nut Bar with quinoa and chia seeds sound tasty!! I love nut bars and muesli bars but they all seem to be so high in sugar :( What are these ones like?

  2. Mmmm Still need to open mine up at work to share around!

  3. This Callum fella has really gone off to do lots of great things since Masterchef. I'm such a fan of him (and the winner than year Adam) too and his work really inspires me the most, seeing him collaborate with so many NGO to touch lives with his cooking. Eating for a good cause, now that's my kind of charity!