Thursday, July 23, 2015

Eat. @ Hash Specialty Coffee and Roasters

113 Hardware Street, Melbourne CBD ph (03) 8529 0284

Brunch roulette this week landed us at Hash Specialty Coffee Roasters, as I had to pop into the CBD to pick up something.  It's a newly opened cafe right across from The Hardware Societe.

The staff were friendly and accommodating with Bubs and we were quickly seated.  Their standard water is actually carbonated, and whilst Bubs was fascinated with its presentation in a beaker, he's not a fan of fizzy drinks and the staff were very thoughtful and offered him some good old H2O right off the bat. (Sorry, cricket reference, Hubby has been watching the Ashes!)

We ordered the HASH hot chocolate ($6) which is their signature "hot chocolate wonder", made with Mork Dark Chocolate and served with fairy floss.  It's presented in a beaker with a mountain of fairy floss in the cup.

Pouring the hot chocolate onto the fairy floss rapidly shrinks it into the cup.  Bubs was absolutely fascinated with the whole thing!  By the time the beaker was empty I had a cup of thick hot chocolate which was absolutely delicious.  I had worried it was going to be way too sweet even for me who is an absolute sweet tooth, but it was actually really lovely, sweet obviously, but also smooth and silky in texture and a deep chocolate taste that comes from top quality cocoa.

Bubs and I shared the Leek and Cheddar Croquettes ($19.5), which was served with cauliflower puree, ham hock, cavallo nero, and a tuneric poached egg.  The croquettes were fabulous, super crunchy coating embracing a soft mashy centre with delicate leek flavour and stringy cheese.  Bubs is a hash/croquette/rosti connossieur and he gave it a big thumbs up!  The rest of the dish was also really well put together, the cauliflower puree was really tasty and the cavallo nero had a slight tang and the ham hock were appropriately smokey.  The poached egg was also nice but I'm not if the tumeric made a lot of difference taste-wise but the yellow did give the food pictures a nice pop in colour!

We came early on a weekday so there were no queues.  I can't wait to bring the whole family back to try the other dishes on the menu, and the older two will no doubt be just as impressed with the fun hot chocolate.

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