Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eat. @ Harajuku Crepes

Knox Ozone, Wantirna South

I have always had a thing for crepes.  They are just THAT little bit more special and sophisticated than pancakes and there are so many variations to the things you can serve it with.  So when I heard about Harajuku Crepes @ Knox Ozone I was very eager to go and try it out.  I know there's one in the city somewhere but have never been - but since I find the one at Knox so accessible and kid-friendly I am quite happy to travel to the 'burbs for my fix!

Now Harajuku Crepes serve Japanese style crepes as opposed to the French ones.  Their crepes are served hot or cold, with a variety of savoury or sweet fillings, rolled up like an ice-cream cone so that no cutlery or plates are needed.  Funnily enough the first time I had a crepe in this way was in Shinjuku and not Harajuku ;)


Located @ Knox Ozone, Harajuku Crepes' seating area is out in the fresh air, but has some overhead cover for protection from the elements.  They have these cute little "trivial pursuit chip"-like stools which the kids seem to love to sit on, and it's easy as pie (haha) to pull your pram up so the littlest ones can join the action. 

The staff will make your hot crepe fresh and this is pretty cool as the kids can watch the crepes being made and are entertained while they wait!  The cold crepes are made with previously made crepes. 
Personally I like the hot crepes better as the top edge is nice and thin and crispy, and the warmth of the crepe melts my favourite crepe ingredient (nutella!) which makes it that much yummier!

The shop itself is brightly lit and has the very Japanese plastic display of most of the varieties of crepes they make, just in case you can't visualise the descriptions on the menu.  A variety of hot and cold drinks are also available.

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Give it a Miss : Haven't found anything we don't like yet, but haven't tried the savoury ones yet.

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Toilets : Use the centre ones...