Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eat. @ Joy Cupcakes

It's the silly season for shopping and being on leave means dragging all my kiddies to the shops whenever I need to buy something.  For the trip to be a success I usually have to employ a mixture of enthusiastic coercion (c'mon, let's see what's over here!), threats and blackmails (I will so tell Santa that you've not been good if you stop that right now!), and timely rewards ie/ please let me try this on and we can have a cupcake after!  And so this is how we came across Joy Cupcakes @ Westfield Doncaster. 

A variety of today's offerings
I don't usually like spending $4 on a cupcake, but the indulgence of having my favourite cupcake with afternoon tea has brought me back a few times, especially during the recent manic panic shopping trips.  Joy Cupcakes makes a different variety of cupcakes on different days of the week, with a few favourites made everyday. 

My favourite has to be the Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake - the marshmallow icing is light and fluffy, and goes perfectly with the super moist chocolate cake.  By the way if anyone has an easy recipe for the icing I would love a copy!

Most of the other cupcakes have a butter cream icing which I am not as big a fan of, but on the occasions when I've tried them, the icing has in general gone well with the cake, my kids certainly are fans!

Hot and cold drinks are availabe to go with their cakes. I find their mocha quite pleasant and balances out the sweetness of the cakes.  They  have a variety of cold drinks which are what I would term "boutique", but to be honest $5.50 for the bottle of sparkling pear juice of below average taste didn't hit the spot for me and I won't be getting that again!

Eat.Drink.Shop. recommends : Chocolate Marshmallow, Lemon Meringue, Baklava
Give it a miss : The fancy pants sparkling juice, grab a water instead.

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Highchair - Nope, but the cute little table and stools availabe are quite kid friendly, or it's even easier just to pull the pram up to the table!
Toilets - The shop is @ Westfield Doncaster so all the ammenities are there.  Shoppingtown does have some of the cleanest and best maintained parents' rooms I have seen!


  1. I think I have the marshmellow recipe somewhere .. I shall dig it out for you this weekend.


  2. Thanks Denise ;) And thanx for having a look ;)

  3. The cakes are nice but service is poor. I was there again on Wed 4:35pm and the shop assistant was talking on her mobile, I was standing in front of her waiting for 10 min and she pretended no one there. What a joke.