Monday, May 2, 2011

Shop. @ Magnolia Square

Magnolia Square
Pop-Up Markets at different times of the year, check location and dates here

I have been going to Magnolia Square market events for a few years now, having driven all the way even to Brighton when the market used to be staged there.  The latest one was just this past weekend at Malvern Town Hall, and they just seem to get bigger and busier with each event!

Magnolia Square is a lovely collection of pop up vendors who sell gorgeous, often crafty items, ranging from baby clothes, women's jewellery, to bespoke home decor and gourmet foods.  Their wares are mostly beautifully hand-made, artfully displayed, and often not available in your everyday shopping centre stores.  Wishing I was a lot more handy with crafts, I am often in awe of the inspiration and handy work behind a lot of the items for sale.  It is also wonderful to meet the amazing craftsperson behind your purchase and find out more from the item's maker.

The market is always busy whenever I have been.  Magnolia Square encourages you to park the pram and carry the baby with you in a sling.  This is a pretty good idea as during peak times it can get jam-packed along the aisles.  Kids are welcome and they often have coloring and crafts available to occupy the children and give them (and you!) a break from the shopping!  My little one certainly enjoyed drawing and making a crafty picture herself with some autumn leaves at the latest market!

For refreshment Ed Dixon has had a store at quite a few of the past events at Malvern.  There's good quality tea and coffee, home-made soup and sandwiches, cupcakes and some pretty awesome couverture chocolate crackles that both the kids and we adults love.

Magnolia Square have events at Malvern and St Kilda Town Halls throughout the year.

Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends :  Some of my favourite vendors past and present are Koolaman Designs, Ricci's Bikkies, Gertie and Me, Heavenly Creatures and Ellani Petite.
Give it a Miss : if you must take a pram in, try going in the afternoon when it's less congested.


  1. Hey how would you like to try out one of the cafes that I'm volunteering at in RMIT city campus. It is called RUSU realfoods and is in Building 8 level 4 cafeteria. Children are welcome and there is plenty of pies and child meals. It is a vegan, organic cafe and everything is sold at bargain prices. We are open from 11am-4pm weekdays

  2. @katy_em : Sounds interesting (and healthy!) Will put this on the list of places to try! Can non-RMIT students go?

  3. yeah sure. anyone can do it