Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eat. @ Cupcake Central

Level 2, Melbourne Central, CBD ph: 9077 4542

Just Me + 3 in the city today.  School holidays are here! In the last few years I've had to learn the art of integrating boring but necessary errands into kiddy friendly activities, and transforming the whole thing into an "exciting adventure", so that dragging the three kiddies around with me is more tolerable for everyone involved.  Believe me, bribery can go a loooong way, and the brand spanking new Cupcake Central store that opened last week in Melbourne Central was perfect for my cunning plan, mwahahahaha.

I took the kidlets up and showed them the dazzlingly colorful display of cupcakes with the promise of sweet treats for afternoon tea if Mummy was happy with how everyone behaved.  A clever plan that worked very well indeed, although truth be known I wouldn't have gone home without grabbing a box of goodies after checking out the display myself!

Cupcakes are $4 each, and babycakes are $2, with discounts when bought in boxes.  I've learnt this is fairly standard pricing for cupcakes these days.

Little one had a Red Velvet Babycake.  A pleasant little red colored cupcake with luscious icing.  "Beautiful!" said the Little One.  Macaron Monster had a Raspberry White Chocolate Babycake.  There was no comment as the cupcake disappeared in no time at all.  Enough said!

I took home a box of 4 which we had for dessert. 

I love Cupcake Central's cute Logo and catch phrase,
as seen here on the take-away box.

The Citrus Lemon was lovely and soft.  The icing was a little bit heavy, perhaps because I'm used to the meringue icing used commonly with lemon cakes.  Nonetheless beautiful with a cup of tea.

Not being a huge fan of S'mores, the S'mores cupcake however was surprisingly good.  Fudgey chocolate cupcake topped with a marshmallowy icing with salty hints of bikkies.

The Cherry Pistachio was very pleasant.  And pretty!

The Chilli Chocolate Cupcake is the star of today's cupcakes, in my opinion.  The chilli heat in the icing is an adventurous surprise that went very well with the fudgey chocolate cake.  I would most definitely have this one again!

Excuse the cracks on the icing, Chilli Chocolate unfortunately ran into
Raspberry White Chocolate during transit.
(hard to keep the little hands off the box on the way home!)

The cupcakes at Cupcake Central are baked daily and that is clearly reflected in the tasty and moist cakes we sampled today.  They also bake different flavoured cupcakes on a rotating basis depending on the day of the week and a calendar of the flavours can be found on their  website.

Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends - The very yummy, rather "adult" Chilli Chocolate Cupcake (might not be so kid-friendly though, this one!)
Give it a Miss - no complaints from us so far

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