Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eat. @ La Tropizienne

780 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn ph : (03)9818 9815

On the road again to look for another good source of macarons.  Found it in this gem of a little French Patisserie in Hawthorn!  A small, easy to miss little shop, full of baked goodness from bread and pies, to cakes and macarons.  Of course we were here to try out the macarons.

All the macarons on display were handmade but perfect looking.  *jealous*   We took home a tube of 6 for $12.50.  Not a bad price for some very nice looking macarons.

From left : Lemon, Raspberry, Hazelnut, Rosewater, Chocolate and
Salted Caramel.
All the macarons were very good, my favourite being the Lemon and the Salted Caramel.  (Macaron Monster liked the Raspberry best, but really liked ALL of them!)  A thin crust with definite bite and good flavour.  Not too heavy but with definite substance.  Very tough choice but I still like the ones from La Belle Miette a tiny bit more, but certainly the best this side of town!

Gorgeous looking even at a different angle.

Good looking feet and fine fillings!

Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends : Great macarons, a tick from the Macaron Monster!
Give it a Miss : No complaints about the macaron!  To be honest we only checked out the macarons.  Everything else in the shop looked delicious!

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