Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Batch #14 - Party Macarons!

This batch of macarons was made for a party we had for Bubs recently.  We made Green Lime ones and also Natural (non-popcorn) Salted caramel ones, as these are the 2 favourite flavours as voted by my friends and family. 

The catch with this batch was that I had to make them mid-week in order for them to mature for a few days and be perfect on the day of the party.  Juggling all the macaron preparation in between the logistics of a weekday with 3 kids is not an easy task!  I'm hoping it's not just me, but I've found that every time I've had to bake or make something for an occasion, something always make me feel less confident even when I had practised lots and lots before.  (If I was tweeting this would be followed by #performanceanxiety!)  I guess that's why I kept failing sight-reading in my piano exams when I was younger.

Anyway, the first lot of shells I piped felt too stiff.  I should have believed my gut feeling but piped a whole tray before I stopped.  Fortunately I've now had enough experience to fix the macaronage so that the rest of the batch turned out nicely with neat feet.  Let me share with you the uneven, "nippled", first tray of macawrongs.

All went well in the end, I think my party guests enjoyed the macarons and the other baked goods we churned out for the day.  All up I think we consumed about 80 macarons that day! (If I had paid the average $2.50 per macaron I would've had to spend $200 on macarons alone!)

Thanks to our friend Mr N for the great photos of the macarons (amongst all the others!) he took for us on the day.  As usual I was way too worried about making sure the food gets served up and the kids are entertained to get any opportunity to take my own pictures!

Lessons Learned - Make more than you need if you're baking for an occasion as there are bound to be more than a few less than perfect ones! 

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