Monday, September 5, 2011

Eat. @ Conservatory

Level 1, Crown Towers, Southbank 3006 ph (03) : 9292 6895

The Conservatory is a place I've always associated with celebrations.  This is probably because when I was younger, my parents often brought us here as a special treat, whether it be a graduation, a birthday, or a special achievement of some sort.  Funny how even when you really don't eat that much, a buffet is always a fascinating dining experience for kids, and I think the tradition has carried on, as my kids certainly love the whole "wandering around and putting whatever I like on my plate" thing.

There is a good variety of dishes on offer at the buffet, and they may vary from day to day.  Starting with entrees, you can have cold dishes of deli meats, salads and sushi (quite ordinary though these ones are), and hot items like Chinese dim sums, pork buns, 2 varieties of soup and breads.  The mains can include hot roasts, stir fries, curries and freshly cooked fish and steaks by the chef at the bar. 

The seafood bar is probably the biggest attraction though, with prawns, fresh oysters (again can be variable in size and quality)  mussels and often bugs as well.

The thing I look forward to the most is the dessert bar!  A very nice selection of bite sized cakes and goodies, 4 different sorts of ice-creams or sorbets, fresh fruit and also warm desserts like bread and butter pudding are features.  My kids are absolutely in love with the chocolate fountain, in which they dip skewered bite-sized morsels, including marshmallows, strawberries, or anything they can get their hands on really!

Personally I like to have their little cups of mousse or panna cotta, together with the tea service (included in the price).  The kids enjoy their adult sized hot chocolates.

They used to serve the tea in a silver tea service.  This ceramic set was nice
but I always used to love my tea in a fancy silver teapot!

Over the years I've noticed that the service and quality of food can fluctuate.  Our most recent experience was very pleasant and the food was surprisingly good.  A few previous visits had disappointed with forgetful waiters, boring ordinary food and less variety.  At $63 per person for dinner on Sunday to Thursdays, and $74 on Friday and Saturdays, a more consistent level of service and quality would be more encouraging for return visits.

The kids love eating here for the fun of a buffet, and also the hourly fireball display right outside the windows at night!  Conservatory also serve buffet breakfast and lunch, and also a Tiffin on Sundays.  Again I used to be a great fan and in fact had my Hen's afternoon tea here.  An ala carte menu is on offer but to be honest I've never tried it as the buffet is too attractive to go pass if I had made the effort to come all the way here!

Eat.Play.Shop. Says - a fun buffet, which the kids will love!  Use the entertainment book card for 25% off if you have it to make it friendlier on the hip pocket!

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Toilets - Yes
Highchairs - Yes

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