Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eat. @ Manchester Press

8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne CBD 3000 ph : (03) 9600 4054

Manchester Press very much ticks all the boxes for the requirement of a hip Melbourne Coffee/Cafe nowadays.  Laneway location? Check!  Awesome Coffee? Check!  Urban cool crowd? Oh yeah!  Hip waitstaff and baristas? You got it!  Add to that mix some deconstructed bagels, relaxed ambience and a spectacular dose of latte art and you've got this neat little coffee hangout in the heart of Melbourne.

A mini 5 minute wait at a busy midweek lunch hour got Mini Me, Macaron Monster and I a spot on the high communal table with cool bar stools.  The staff were all very friendly and efficient, and the other patrons were very nice and tolerant of the kids.  I am glad however that we visited without Bubs as manoeuvring a pram into this busy eatery would be pushing the friendship!

A quick look at the Dymo and Clear Plastic menu and our orders were in.  We chose the Soft Egg Bagel with Salmon ($12.5)  A very pleasant "deconstructed" lunch for us, the egg was perfectly soft boiled, the bagel toasty and the salmon was very tasty.

The kids enjoyed their Hot Chocolate even though they didn't want to drink it initially because they "didn't want the lady on the froth to disappear", but then quickly starting fighting to see who could finish her face off first! (Maybe that's why she looks so startled?!)

My mocha did not disappoint.  The latte art is some of the best I've seen, with the moustachioed winking dude beckoning me for a drink.

He was pretty magical, as for some reason he stuck around even after I finished the coffee!!??

But I did finish him off eventually  (just to make sure there's not some weird twilight zone thing happening!)

We only had a small lunch as we had a late morning tea at The Hopetoun Tea Rooms that day, so please don't worry, I wasn't just being stingy or trying to starve my children here!

Eat.Play.Shop. Says - A great place for a coffee and bagel break in the city.  Better for older children but I did spot a few mums with strollers around who squeezed in amongst the lunch time crowd.

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Highchairs - No
Toilets - Yes


  1. Oh that place looks like a cafe I must visit. How clever is that Barista! Great photos of your coffee!

  2. I've only visited once! But I really like the coffee art and the food here :) can't wait to come back again!

  3. Melbourne does these quirky little places so well don't they! :D

  4. It is pretty alright for prams if you're there early morning because no one else is there :P Loved your latte art. I've never had a pirate before! Wonder if they do requests?

  5. That is cool that the face stayed until the end in your coffee - also slightly creepy. Their latte art is so cool!