Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eat. @ Plantation Specialty Coffee

Shop 253, level 2, Melbourne Central, 300 La Trobe Street, Melbourne 3000

I admit it. Thanks to this blog I have turned into a coffee snob, and won't order coffee unless I'm pretty certain that it's going to be great coffee.  Ordering coffee in a shopping centre?  Not likely!  The good people behind St Ali have turned that upside down however, with this awesome coffee spot in the middle of the Melbourne Central Dining Hall.

Plantation has transformed this quiet corner in Melbourne Central (opposite Cupcake Central) into its own little unique oasis of coffee and cool.  Old School (literally!) benches and School Hall Assembly Chairs set up a casual corner which is extremely kid and pram friendly, even if the coffee is serious and adults-only fare!  Ideal for Mums to catch a break in the city while on the go.

The mocha here is great coffee coupled with a hint of chocolate, and a gorgeous dose of coffee art.

I like the coffee here and tried a latte on a different occasion.

A variety of snacks including cakes, muffins and rolls/baguettes/foccacia type fare are available, more as an accompaniment to your coffee experience then centre stage dishes though.  I've had the simple parma, cheese and roquette in turkish bread which was a pleasant little lunch item that went well with the coffee.  Love the environmentally friendly and cute wooden disposable cutlery!

All the "serious" coffee places now offer different ways to serve their coffee then the standard lattes and espressos, (think Market Lane CoffeeProud Mary and Auction Rooms just to name a few) ; and Plantation is no exception.  I am most interested to try the bottled cold brew now that the weather is all summery in Melbourne.  The staff have been friendly and helpful at the various times I've dropped by for a coffee fix.

You can also buy their coffee to brew at home, and a range of coffee making equipment is also available for purchase.

Eat.Play.Shop. Says - An ideal place for mums-on-the-go to grab a more than decent coffee smack bang in the middle of Melbourne Central.

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  1. What a fabulous looking cafe. I think the coffee looks great. The cafes in Melbourne are better than the ones in Sydney but being from Sydney, I'm not supposed to say that!

  2. Oh I love the old school decor! That's great that St Ali have opened up a place closer to the centre of the city too :)

  3. Awesome coffee as it looks! And it tastes great as i know, i had these coffees when i visited Melbourne. Thanks to remind me the smell, taste and satisfaction.