Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eat. @ Kam Fook (Doncaster)

Level 2, Westfield Doncaster, 619 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster ph: 9005 1888

Probably because of the epic horror that was Jacky's Kitchen (one of Jacky Chan's restaurants that used to reside at Westfield Doncaster back in the the day when it was known as "Shoppingtown"), I've always been a bit sceptical about yum cha at shopping centres.  Consequently I have been hesitant to try Kam Fook since it opened at its location opposite Borders and Village Cinemas when it opened in 2010 at "Shoppo".  To be honest, some time in the last 5 years I severely overdosed on yum cha, and now find I only really feel like yum-cha-ing about twice a year.   Given the convenience of parking and being under cover the whole time, I visited Kam Fook with my folks and the kids on Chinese New Year day.

Given its location, the restaurant had a very open feel about it.  There was plenty of room for my pram (a big big plus for this as most chinese restaurant don't), it was not stuffy at all, and we got a table without booking (although this might not be a good thing.....).  Anyway, we were promptly seated.  The yum-cha session here consisted of the usual ladies-pushing-trolleys-full-of-food, with a combination of yum cha staples and noodle dishes which can be ordered ala carte from the menu.

The food was okay in general.  The stand out item was the steamed prawn dumplings which had whole prawns in them.  Other than that the "Cheung Fun" (steamed rice noodle with fillings), the steamed buns (we had pork ones and custard ones), fried wontons, and a few of the other dumpling dishes were of average standard.  You won't be wowed by it but you're unlikely to find it offensive either.

We had some "Dofu Fa" (silken tofu in a sweet syrup/soup) for dessert, and I would advise you share this as it's about one and half size the normal serve you would get at another yum cha place.  Again it was quite average, and would probably be much improved with a bit more ginger in the syrup. 

The hit of the day for my kids, hahahaha :
Not sure how chinese these are......
and excuse the obligatory soy sauce spillage on the table cloth....

The have these custom make high chairs that I've only ever previously seen in chinese restaurants overseas, which were also a hit for the kids.  It made them feel like they were sitting at the right height for the table, but yet not really in a "kiddy" high chair!

The staff took a little prompting but generally got everything that we requested for us.  However you can clearly tell that they HATE their job.  (A trait common in chinese restaurant staff???)

There was a display on the table which advertised for a "mah jong" package : $68 for yum cha lunch, afternoon tea and dinner (while you play mah jong with your mates!)  Ah, the old chinese version of the internet gaming party, with catering!

There was also a very impressive wine room display, although I cannot comment on this as I'm not a drinker.

Eat.Play.Shop. recommends : this is a good place for yum cha if you don't like crowds, and want to park and walk to the restaurant without being outside (ie/maybe on rainy day)
Give it a miss : if you like a big variety of food for yum cha.  You won't find it here.

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Toilets : Westfield Doncaster toilets just outside its entrance.


  1. Those prawn dumplings do look plump and delicious! Thanks for the post (love the fun gelatin dessert photo). Cheers, Christine {at} urbanspoon {dot} com

  2. Thanx for checking out my post Christine! I was going to take a photo of the prawn INSIDE the dumpling but it was so yummy I ate the whole thing and forgot to take the photo!!!!