Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eat. @ Misuzu's

7 Victoria Ave, Albert Park 3206 (03) 9699 9022

Ah, Misuzu's.  A restaurant I've always had a secret love for.  Hubby used to take me there when we were still "dating" and I've always liked its mix of traditional Japanese fare, with its funky mix of more fusion-type, tapas style morsels in the platters and take-away boxes.  Misuzu's burnt down in December 2007 after a cellophane covered lamp caught on fire, but fortunately the Japanese owners were keen to rebuild, and so it has had its "rebirth" and lives on to serve its customers for another day!

There are 2 main parts to the restaurant, an eat in area with a bar, and a take-away area with a food counter.  The seating inside is adequate but only a few tables will have enough room for a pram to be parked next to it.  However there are tables on the pavement outside which are serviced by overhead heaters on cold days, and is a popular choice as per other restaurants in the area catering for the Albert Park crowd.  However, having a kid who likes to wander around after the meal, we chose to be seated indoors.

The menu consisted of platters, rice bowls, noodle dishes and some Japanese mains, and also a wine list that impressed even though I'm not a drinker!  We ordered quickly and the food was served without too long a wait, which is always a bonus when eating out with littlies!

We ordered a large mixed non-vegetarian platter.  The staff chooses a selection of tapas style goodies including 3 salads for you so it's a bit of a surprise what you'll get on the day.  The selections are mainly based on meatballs, fishcakes, and different types of california roll type morsels.

Large mixed platter.  Pot Luck?

We also ordered a chicken curry rice which was surprisingly tasty.  It was not the traditional Japanese sweet curry, instead a lighter and slightly spicier version which was very pleasant.  It tasted fresh, not like something that's been sitting in the pot for 3 days, as often is the case when you order curry from asian restaurants.  Even the kids liked it, and we were surprisingly full after the platter and the rice!

A fresh curry!

I have read a lot of reviews recently complaining of the service from the wait staff.  I've never had any problems with them.  In fact, this time, having 3 kids in tow, I have to say they were nothing if not friendly and kind to the kids. The service was prompt, and not just in a "can't wait to get you and your ratbags out of my shop" kind of way.  The lunch time crowd were mostly adults catching up with friends, young couples and some business people, but on the day everyone were very tolerant of the kids.  Okay, it also made my day because one of the patrons told me my kids had great manners and were very well behaved! (Unfortunately I find people usually only say things to you when they have something negative to say, so that was a lovely change!)

The toilets are located at the top of the steep stairs but are very clean.  There were no changing facilities but the girl's toilet has this cute little lounge/antechamber, which worked well for a change room when the need arose!

Okay, it felt strange taking a picture of the bathroom! 
Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends : trying the platter.  Has always been a pleasant surprise for us!
Give it a miss : Their desserts did not look very interesting so we didn't try....   

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Highchair : Nope
Toilet : as previously stated, just don't try taking your pram there!

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