Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eat. @ Brother Baba Budan

359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne CBD 3000 ph : (03) 9606 0449

The coffee was never going to be a bad experience at this city stop for Mark Dundon's coffee afficiondos, followers of Seven Seeds and De Clieu.  Most coffee nuts would have already been here, or have read the many other blogs about this place.  My take will be short and to the point for Eat.Play.Shop. readers - yes, fantastic coffee, no don't take your kids or prams in there!

This little shop just up the hill from Elizabeth Street is cutely decorated - yes with all the chairs on the ceiling!

Despite all those chairs, actual seating is pretty limited inside the shop, with one large communal table, a few "at-the-bar" type stools and standing room for take-aways.  Great for all the singletons and couples having a cool catch up over coffee.  Not so good for kids and toddlers.  

I didn't endeavor to get in the shop with the little people and the pram.  The coffee though, is worth making the effort to get your Hubby/Partner/Friend to stand outside and wait for a wee minute or two while you order coffee-to-go.

Eat.Play.Shop.Says - the place to go, for coffee on the go, for those in the know.
(okay, rapping is not going to be my day job)

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