Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eat. @ Monsieur Truffe

90 Smith St, Collingwood 3066 ph : (03) 9416 3101

On a recent cold wintery day, we visited this specialty chocolatier in Collingwood for a sweet treat.  Nothing like a freezing cold and wet Melbourne morning to make you crave a cup of sweet smooth hot chocolate!

Much like the chocolate it offers, the shop induces a warm and cosy feeling.   By 10:30am, the little store was already full to the brim with weekend patrons sipping on warm cups of cocoa and indulging in sweet pastries.  Fortunately for us Bubs in Pram was asleep, so Hubby and I took the last seats at the counter and got busy ordering.

The 70% House Blend Hot Chocolate was smooth and seriously creamy.  One of the best in Melbourne.

Hubby had a mocha (for a change!)  This was more chocolatey than the usual mocha but surprisingly very pleasant.  Very creamy though, so not for the lactose intolerant!

The pastries are seriously flakey, and probably some of the best we've ever sampled.

We also sampled a few of their macarons.  The shells are made elsewhere, but the filling is made by Monsieur Truffe.  The Passion fruit one had a lovely flavour, and rather refreshing following our heavier drinks.  The Salted Caramel was also more chocolatey but the subtle caramel is still very nice.

There are also lots of goodies to take home.  A big range of chocolate bars, with a handy sample pack for $25.  The kids will be drawn to the chocolate ladybirds and umbrellas.  The truffles are apparently very good (unfortunately they didn't have any during our visit) and the pastries can all be bought for take-away. 
Chocolate bars, attractively displayed on the character
filled wooden shelves.

Quality chocolate to use as you please in the kitchen!

Drinking chocolate in tubes.

Cute teapots with little animal milk jugs.
Chocolate sample packs and chocolate kiddy fodder.
The menu has only a few savoury items available for lunch.  Monsieur Truffe recently opened up on Lygon St, with a bigger range on the menu, a roomier dining area, and its own chocolate making facilities.  It will probably be roomier for little ones - can't wait for our visit there!

Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends : the Hot Chocolate.  One of the best in Melbourne!
Give it a Miss : Down side would be limited space, and rather limited menu.

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Toilet : Yes
Highchair : No

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  1. I just visited last weekend! Need a revisit, the 85% chocolate was too dark for me but very nice. And I am keen to test out the coffees (by Atomica) too!