Friday, August 5, 2011

Eat. @ Madame Mango

768 Burke Rd, Camberwell 3124 ph : (03) 9813 4070

Madame Mango is a cute little cafe, located up the hill from the main Camberwell shopping strip, opposite the bridal stores.  The current owners took over management just over 8 weeks ago, and seem to have settled in to its little niche quite well.

The front room houses its main counter with the coffee machine and cake counter.  A smaller but more cosy room opens towards the back.  I particularly enjoyed the pretty feature wall with the chic chandelier lights.

Opting for a sweet brunch rather than savoury, we went for the "Miss Buttermilk".  This is described as a stack of 3 fluffy pancakes, berries and cream, with mango cheeks and maple syrup.  I am so glad I parked down at The Well and pushed the double pram full of kids up that hill, over the railway station, and all the way to the cafe, because the serve was HUGE.  I am used to paying $15 for a few small pancakes balanced delicately on each other with a squeeze of coulis and a tiny scoop of ice-cream. Not here.  A plate with 3 fluffy, steaming pancakes, each bigger than my face, stacked on top of each other, covered with cream, berries, mango cheeks and a generous amount of maple syrup.  Such a pity Hubby has to work, because between the kids and I we barely managed to eat half of this.  Even though the mango cheeks weren't fresh (forgivable as it's mid-winter!) it was delicious, and a lovely change from the usual brekkie for us. 

There were lots of other cutely named dishes.  Their Eggs Benedict is known as "Dr Breakfast" (so very nearly ordered this!), "Mademoiselle Salmon" is a savoury pikelet with Tassie salmon, rocket and spinach pesto finished with cream cheese, and their big breakfast is of course the aptly named "Mr Big".

My drink for the day was a T2 English Breakfast Tea ($3.50).  Great to go with the sweet brekkie!

Their Babycino literally came with a smile! (But no marshmallow)

The staff were friendly and helpful, especially with extra cutlery and plates.  They had a wooden high chair for Bubs in Pram which was very handy.  We felt very comfortable sitting in the back area as it made me a lot less self conscious when Bubsgot a bit impatient while I made up the BYO brekkie.  All in all a pleasant choice for a cafe in an age where we're seeing shoppers increasingly abandon strip mall shopping.  The bonus is of course the 25% off with the Entertainment Book voucher!

Eat.Play.Shop. Recommends : Sharing Miss Buttermilk.  She's quite a generous serve ;)
Give it a Miss : No complaints from us.

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Toilets - Yes
Highchair - Yes

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