Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Eat. @ Gelato Messina

237 Smith St, Fitzroy ph (03) 9017 5470

Gelato Messina from Sydney has landed in Melbourne.   I've driven past here on numerous occasions since its opening and seen the crazy lines out the front and thought to myself - how good does the gelati have to be to make me wait in line more than 2 minutes?  

Well the gelati here are really worth waiting for!  The "kinder girls" and I came out to Fitzroy/Collingwood for a dinner night out recently and decided we would join the queue with the crowd of gelato afficiondos half our age and try it out for ourselves.  It was Saturday night after dinner and the crowd was buoyant, the line moved surprisingly fast, and the time passed really quite quickly.  This was helped by the fact that wee were given menus to study whilst waiting, and struggled with our decisions as everything sounded yummy!

I had the Apple Pie, and the Coconut and Lychee, which were beautiful and smooth.  I also tasted some of my friends' gelato - the most memorable was probably the mojito - it tasted like a real hit of mojito but was quite tart after a big scoop so it was best to share!

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  1. Love love love.. The Boy prefers n2 but I do like Spring St and Messina :) Have a lovely New Year Winnie :)

  2. Thanks I-Hua! Wishing you and The Boy a fabulous 2014!

  3. hahah I was about to start my comment the same is I-Hua but in caps, so here goes:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I've been a few times already and going again tomororw! weeeee! x

  4. It's fun huh all these Sydney food imports? I liked Messina but kinda preferred n2. Actually, I tried out this new gelato place just off Lygon St called Pidapipo Gelateria and it's AWESOME! Def like it more than Messina and Spring St. Oh man, too many awesome ice cream joints. How fun =)

  5. love their gelato and their magic mushroom cake! so ood that popping candy base!