Friday, April 25, 2014

Eat. @ Naked For Satan & Naked in the Sky

285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065 ph (03) 9416 2238

It's Kinder Girls' night out time again and this time we headed to a spot that is decidedly kid-unfriendly.   It's Sarah's turn to pick a place, and the plan was for vodka and pintxos at Naked For Satan, then heading upstairs to Naked in the Sky, the rooftop restaurant, for a bigger meal.  There's a no booking policy which I am usually not a big fan of, but given that we could just hang out downstairs with our drinks and nibblies whilst we wait for a table upstairs, it's not as big an obstacle!

I was so excited at the selection of pintxos I forgot to take photos of the delicious cocktails that the others' had whilst we were downstairs!  Here's a picture of the Blueberry Crush my friend Jodi had on her second round.

Pintxos are little bite sized tapas nibblies which you can self-serve from the counter and you pay at the end by the number of toothpicks you end up with.  They're usually $2 each but were only $1 each midweek!!!  What a bargain!

We had quite a selection of different toppings including prawns, goats cheese, chorizo, squid ink risotto with calamari, eggplant chip, smoked salmon and a warm one with grilled vegies.  An excellent "bar food" to help soak up the alcohol from the vodka!  I could've kept eating these except that I was mindful of leaving space for more food upstairs.

Before we knew it we got a call on the mobile to let us know that our table was ready.  So up the little elevator to the top floor restaurant we went.  We were seated in the centre part of the restaurant which is under cover, with the peripheral section of the restaurant catering for roof top open air dining.  The views over Melbourne were spectacular from there but I wasn't too disappointed to not sit outside as it was quite chilly that evening.

We ordered several dishes to share and we started with some marinated green olives ($8).  These are quite tart and not as salty as I'm used to.

The Soft Shell Crab ($16) is another good starter (excellent with a jug of cocktails I would imagine - next time Ladies!!!)

Our favourite dish of the night was the Roasted Figs and Goats Curd, with agrodulce pinenuts and currants ($16).  The contrast of sweet and salty flavours and soft and crunchy textures was brilliant mix of opposites that worked amazingly well together.

I must admit I did not know what to expect when we ordered The Mushroom Parfait ($16), and was quite surprised this is a bit of a ploughman's lunch board with a slice of mousse textured parfait with intense mushroom flavour, onion jam, smoked almonds and radish.  There was also sultanas and greens thrown in the mix.  Again a lovely mix of flavours and textures and a great sharing dish.

Migas ($19) was a dish with broken bread, cooked with spinach, tomato, garlic, capsicum and cider.  A more comfort food style dish with a lovely soft texture.

The Fried Cheese and Walnut Croquettes ($12) were just plan yum.  What's not to like in a soft cheesy croquette with a crunchy skin?

We finished our meal with the Crema Catalana ($9).  We had a great time chatting as we all cracked through the toffee top and dug into soft custardy goodness.

I love exploring new places with my Kinder Girls and always look forward to our nights out together (sorry kids!)  Thanks Girls for another wonderful evening of fun, food and non-alcopop drinkies!

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  1. Oddly enough naked in the sky is kid friendly during the day. I've seen a few prams up there at lunch and kids during the afternoon.

    1. Oh really? That's interesting. My kids are now old enough to either ask too many questions about the naked pictures or in Bubs's case, run around and drive me too crazy to enjoy my meal, hehe.

  2. I've only been to Naked for Satan for drinks but yet to go for food!

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