Sunday, March 10, 2013

Eat. @ Candied Bakery

81a Hudsons Rd, Spotswood 3015 ph (03) 9391 1335

The kidlets love going to Scienceworks, and the trip across the bridge gives Hubby and I a good excuse to grab a bite from one of our favourite brunch spots The Duchess.  On our recent trip across town though, we tried out the new bakery kid in town, and had a fabulous lunch of baked goodness at Candied Bakery.  "An Aussie Bakery with an American twist, and a dash of European Influence" - this can only mean good things for the bakery-loving crazy chick in me!  The only negative was that I wanted to try everything but we could only eat so much in one sitting!

How was I supposed to choose from all this goodness??!!

We settled ourselves at one of the benches in the bakery and got into the serious business ordering.

Hubby and I started off with a mocha each.  I'm usually not impressed with coffees at bakeries but this was an excellent mocha.

The older 2 kidlets shared a Milo milkshake ($6.5) and gave it a big thumbs up.

I love a good Croque Monsieur ($8) and this one did not disappoint.  Perfectly creamy and served on brioche!

The beef pie ($5.6) oozed with tasty beef filling, with a beautiful flaky pastry.  This was served with the bakery's own home-made ketchup.

Likewise the sausage roll was delicious.  The sausage meat tasted rustic and home made (in a good way!) and had lashings of vegies through it (so I didn't feel as guilty having ordered two.......)

I was so excited to move onto desserts!  We couldn't decide between the two different doughnuts so....... we ordered both ($3.8 each)!  I liked the Zuppa Anglaise one better, entirely because I unconditionally love custard, but the jelly one was also yummy with the tangy jam oozing with every bite. 

I often use the almond croissant as a yardstick for comparing bakery standards and am happy to report this one ($5) was a winner!

And last but not lease we tried their home made soft serve ($4.5).  They had 2 flavours including peanut and jelly on the day, but Mini Me is a fan of vanilla so we had this, served with their sprinkles and crumble topping.   Perfect for this incredibly hot weather we've been having in Melbourne lately.  

The service was friendly and efficient, and plenty of families popped in for a bite during our visit.  Outdoor seating is available (perhaps not on an unbearably hot Melbourne day) and can be good for those with pets or bulky prams.

We will definitely be returning here the next time we come over this side of town, whether it be for lunch, or a quick pop-in to buy some baked goodies to take home.  Again I'm jealous of you west-siders!

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  1. Oh wow! This food all looks fabulous!

  2. Candied is such an awesome place and feel so lucky to have to so close to home so I can gorge on doughnuts all day long! teehehe
    Great write up too :)

  3. This place is excellent (especially the marshmellow cookie and soft serve) but I can't help feeling that it is hyped because the westside doesn't have much like it. Good marketing if anything.

  4. I loved Candied Bakery so much :) I'm just wished it was closer to us because venturing over the West Gate bridge can be such a hassle for us living in the East side of town :P

  5. Oh man, sooo need to get myself down here! It's a shame that I live on the opposite side of town but it seems like it's worth the drive! Mmmm apple pie shake :)

  6. I keep seeing your instagrams and now I'm reeeeeally wanna go!

  7. This looks amazing! the Boy and I must smash a visit soon :)