Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eat. @ Cru

916 Glenferrie Rd, Kew ph (03) 9818 4366

So I've stared at this sign a lot and wondered if it's a co-incidence that it spells CRUSHED?
I have been meaning to blog about Cru for quite a while as it's become one of my favourites in recent months.  Don't be deceived by the small shop front on Glenferrie Rd.  The courtyard at the back of this little gem in Kew opens up to a lovely area perfect for families to enjoy their gorgeous coffee and food, especially on one of our beautiful autumn days.

Mochas ($3.5) are always perfect with beautiful latte art.

The kids love their ice chocolate ($5) on a warm sunny day.  Quite a generous serve so there's enough to share!

The menu offers many dishes that you'd expect at most of Melbourne's good cafes, but often with a great twist.  The Roesti ($18) with avocado, smoked salmon, red onion, crispy capers topped with a poached egg has all the elements I love in a breakfast, but also went together really well together.

My favourite dish at Cru however, is the LB's brioche french toast ($15), with bacon, banana,  and maple syrup.  Yep, that combo cannot go wrong with me!  It is such an amazing dish with the sweet maple, gooey banana and salty bacon all on a soft, almost custardy french toasted brioche.  Every bite is a "hmmmmm" moment.

Another view of this epic breakfast dish!

For the kids, the menu has a "Pipsqueaks" Section (so cute!)  The eggs n soldiers, knees n toes (even more cute!!!) is pretty good for $4 considering what lots of other cafes charge for  what is essentially eggs and toast.  The bread is brioche makes it even better (and more likely that Mummy will be stealing some!)

The runny runny yolk is of course perfect for dipping!

The Stop 80 ($5) which is a fried egg on brioche bun, with bacon and tasty cheese is a decent little snack for an adult or an excellent lunch option for the kids.

I've found the staff to have always been very friendly and accommodating with the kids when we've eaten here.  I must mention that on one of my visits I was gearing up for a coffee in peace as Bubs slept in the pram, when he suddenly woke up and shattered my vision of a stress-less brunch.  The staff appeared with a box full of colour pens and papers and helped me settle a slightly distressed post-nap Bubs, and I managed to still have a very enjoyable meal.  That combined with good food and coffee will no doubt help Cru become a popular local meeting place.  We'll be baaaaaaack!

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  1. Ooh this isn't too far away! We can come visit one weekend!

  2. What a cute place! I love roesti and the soldiers and soft egg are so appealing! :D

  3. Hello, I understand why you say every moment is a hmmm moment!!! How can they make those wonderful coffees!! And the bacon, with so a banal ingredient they can make some gourmet food, incredible, very nice!

  4. I'm a follower of yours on Instagram, love your pics!!!! Last night I ventured on to your blog and OMG so excited that you blogged about a place in Kew as I started seeing (dating??) a guy who lives in Kew and have been struggling to find a place up to my standards, being the coffee and poached egg snob that i am!!

    Keen to give this place a go after your review and awesome pics!!!

    IG: neeno198
    Twitter: iisneeno