Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eat. @ N2 Extreme Gelato

329 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 3065

We managed to have dinner out without the kidlets on the weekend, and as a bonus we "detoured" via Fitzroy to try out the new N2 Extreme Gelato that's just landed in Melbourne.  Already a fixture in Sydney, I was keen to try out the "instant" ice-creams that's churned on the spot with with liquid nitrogen and a KitchenAid.   

The flavours change weekly, and even if you're sceptical about the "gimmick" *cough cough Hubby*, the interesting flavours on offer is surely enough to make you want to give this place a go!

The first flavour we tried was the Creme Brulee ($8)  The ice-cream was really smooth, with a lovely custard flavour, and yes, even a brulee sugar top.  Their serving size is not small but I could've kept eating this one!

The next flavour was the Deconstructed Chocolate Lava ($8) is a sour cream chocolate gelato that comes with a syringe full of chocolate ganache sprinkled with cocoa powder (Is food more interesting when it comes in a syringe?)  The flavour is good but perhaps because I work in health care the syringe thing wasn't as exciting a draw card as it was meant to be for me.  The ganache was quite tasty so squirting THAT directly in your mouth is pretty yum and fun.

The star of the night for me was the Earl Grey Ice-cream with Dulce Le Leche ($6).  I love the taste of Earl Grey tea in desserts but find that most of the time, it's subtle flavour is stomped all over by whatever other flavouring it's paired with.  The Earl Grey flavour is excellent here, with the caramel flavour a sweet complement, making it a perfect combination!

It was Saturday night, and he line was pretty long when we first got there but it moved at a reasonable pace.  We were told it was another 20 minutes wait after ordering, but it wasn't as stressful as we weren't waiting with the kids, and the company was fun.  Even if you don't buy into novelty food trends (and we have so many in Melbourne!), the ever changing, taste-bud challenging flavours N2 offers will no doubt keep the store busy.  Looking forward to more stores opening up across our city!

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