Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Eat. @ Seoul Soul

323 Victoria Street, Abbottsford 3067 ph (03) 0478 768 760 

Richmond has always been dominated by Vietnamese/Chinese Eateries, and it's nice to see  a few cafes and other cuisines popping up along Victoria Street.  Seoul Soul as its name suggests is a cute little Korean Restaurant that has marked itself as a great place to stop for a bite or grab a box of take-away.

Our party of 2 adults and 3 kidlets were promptly seated on one of two 2 high share tables.  We were perched on tall stools, which the kids enjoy, but slightly younger ones might find a bit challenging.  We started with their complimentary balchan (side dishes) which were pickled radish and kim chi served in cute little jars.  I really liked their kim chi and we had a second jar!

Their seafood pancake ($8) is a good entree, crispy on the outside and delicious with the dipping sauce which absolutely makes this dish!

The kids always like noodles so we ordered a Beef Bulgolgi Noodle Soup ($14).  A decent sized serving with a hearty soup.

Seoul Soul is famous for their Dosirak, which are wooden meal buckets, like a Korean version of a Japanese Bento.  We tried the Beef Bulgolgi Dosirak ($14) which had a good amount of rice with a couple of samosas and potato hash and a fresh salad and pickles for a side.  The beef was nicely done, and this is my pick for an easy meal both for kids and adults alike.

Hubby and I also had a Spicy Pork Bulgolgi Dosirak ($14).  I am addicted to the spicy marinated sauce and it goes so well with plain steamed rice!

Their chargrilled and BBQ dishes come served on a sizzling (no cooking on the table) and we had a lovely serve of Chargrilled Pork Belly ($14).  The little morsels of pork belly were perfectly cooked and it's hard to stop eating!

Little sugar rock candies ended the meal.   The service was efficient and friendly.  The gang was all full and happy and we're glad to find another nice place to eat with the kids.  Seoul Soul has opened a bigger soul sister (see what I did there) in Northcote on more family friendly premises and I'm looking forward to trying them out at a latter date.

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  1. The food here sounds so interesting! There's so much to enjoy about Korean food eh? Love this =]