Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Eat. @ The Merrywell (Downstairs Burger Bar)

Clarendon Street, Crown, South Bank ph (03) 9292 7468

During our "staycation" in Melbourne over Summer, we took advantage of the free tram zone in the Melbourne CBD and zipped all over town.  An impromptu visit to the South Bank area landed us at The Merrywell during happy hour so we ended up with burgers and fries for dinner.

The Happy Hour deal is pretty good.  For $15 you get a burger and pint.  There's a variety of beer on offer at The Merrywell but for us it was colourful pints of soft drinks with paper straws.

Hubby and the kids had the K.I.S.S Burgers, with a robust meat patty, mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles, mayo and cheddar.  The patties are meaty and juicy and the burgers were simple as its name implies but pretty darn fabulous.

I had the MW Club which was a "Sam-wich" with buttermilk battered chicken, bacon, cheddar, tomato, and mayo in a damper roll.  A good alternative if you don't want a beef burger. 

Of course we had a side of fries and onion rings ($8) which went well with the burger and drinks.  Perfect bar meal. 

We also ordered a salted caramel shake ($7) which came with swirls of cream and a cherry on top.  Unfortunately when I took a sip I found a shard of glass (fortunate as it wasn't one of the kids who got it).  The staff was good though and was apologetic and it was replaced with a new one. 

A great burger bar, extra good during Happy Hour and a cool place to hang out after work.

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