Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Eat. @ Miss Korea

845 Burke Rd, Camberwell 3124 ph (03) 9882 4999

I spotted Miss Korea one day when I was in Camberwell and was compelled to return as we are all still keen on the "Korean Food Wave".

I'm glad I made a booking on that Friday night as I saw quite a few groups get turned away.  We started off with a trio of organic fizzies ($4) and Charlie's honest squeezed juices ($5).

The Korean seafood spring onion pancake ($16) was choc full of greens and was very pretty.  A bit too much spring onion for me but the seafood was visible and delicious.

Mini Me loves Jap Chae ($15) so it's a must order for us.   This one was topped with lots of greens and a good helping of chicken (you can also choose beef or pork).  I would've loved more noodles with it but as a stand alone dish this would make a good dinner.

I loved their spicy pork bulgogi ($16) which came with a good serve of rice and the comforting sweet spiciness that I have come to love about bulbulgi.

The Stone bowl Bimbimbap ($16) is also pretty good, with a good dose of crispy rice on the bottom and plenty of beef.

And last but not least the Soy Garlic Korean Fried Chicken Tenderloins ($15).  These ones are crispy battered with a delicious soy garlic coating.  We loved this, with soft tender meat covered in the crispy batter and the more-ish sauce.  A must-order dish each time we visit!

Overall it was a great Friday night out.  The meal was delicious, the staff were accommodating for the children.  There were quite a few Korean diners there which is always a good sign.  We will definitely be back.

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Toilets - yes
Highchairs - yes

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  1. Oh my, they all look so yummy! I am very new to eating Korean food, your bulgogi is making my mouth water! I need to go here on one trip over, if I could manage it.