Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eat. @ Dead Man Espresso

35 Market Street, South Melbourne 3205 ph (03) 9686 2255

Juggling 2 careers, 3 kids, and everyone's extra-curricular activities means that it is a rare event for Hubby and I to have a weekday morning off together.  So when the moons aligned a little while back and we both didn't have to work on a Monday, we excitedly looked for a place to go to for brunch.  (Hubby is super jealous that I always try the trendier places during weekdays to avoid the crowds.)  Dead Man Espresso was the place we chose in the end and we headed off in excitement with Bubs in tow.  Yes, it's a date, any time we go ANYWHERE with one or less kid, be it the dentist or Coles, is counted as a date these days.  (Babysitting for 3 is hard to come by and has to be pre-arranged for super special occasions for now!)

First up coffee!  Usual orders of mocha for me, cappucino for Hubby were lovely.  Latte art impressed.

Hubby ordered a Fried Eggs on Toast ($9) with Istra bacon ($3.5), tomatoes ($3.5) and sausages ($4.5) as they had sold out of pork belly on the weekend.  A good big breakfast all round.

I ordered the Rosti ($17.5), which was a herb and potato rosti with poached egg, avocoado and smoked salmon.  Delicious in its simplicity, differing textures complimented each component well and a winner in my eyes.

Dead Man uses many local suppliers, as well as sourcing its own herbs and honeys from its rooftop garden.

I found Dead Man more kid-friendly than I thought it would be, although again like many of the trendy inner suburb cafes it's better for older kids.  It helped that Bubs was on best behaviour that day and we both managed to eat at the same time and enjoyed the meal!  We were seated on a large communal table and although we did not have our stroller with us there was plenty of room for it.  The service was friendly and efficient.  A semi-enclosed area lets you check out the streetscape while enjoying your latte.

In a hurry to go?  Take-aways come in 3 different sizes.

Dead Man Espresso is named for the era in which South Melbourne was a bit of a no man's land of lost dreams during the Gold Rush years. You can read the interesting history as you peruse the menu.  Interesting to compare it to the 1970's and 80's, when many immigrant families settled into the area.  And again to the current trendy inner suburb it has become.

Eat.Play.Shop. Says - Another great coffee establishment in South Melbourne with a decent breakfast menu.

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Highchairs - No 
Toilets - Yes


  1. If there had been pork belly it would've been the *perfect* date :)

  2. I LOVE deadman Can't wait for their new one (meant to be called Common Galaxia, which never fails to give me a Milky Way craving).

  3. Ooh that sounds like something to look forward to! Strangely enough I just ate a Milky Way Mini Easter Egg as I read your comment! *cue twilight zone music*

  4. Love love love deadmans.. and yayy to date.. err monday morning?

    1. Hehehe, yes, Date Nights are hard to come by, so Date Mornings it is!

  5. Do you think if you create your menu item as "Hubby" did you are really experiencing what a menu has got to offer in terms of flavor combinations and creativity?

  6. I was actually thinking Dead Man's would be a good option with a pram today, you're right the spaces in the cafe are perfect to move a pram around plus in summer there are the tables outside that are always bathed in sunshine.

    As for "creating" a menu item "Anonymous" I think it's a great way to see what the menu has to offer. Breakfast is the perfect time to do this, hence the option of adding extras.