Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Eat. @ Red Cup Cafe

1124 Maroondah Hwy, Box Hill 3128 ph (03) 9899 1893

Look at that Sunshine! Yep, a good day to look for yummy food!
Next stop on our search for cafes outside of the CBD and inner 'burbs that serve great brunches and decent coffees is this unexpected gem, just down the road from the shopping precinct around Box Hill train station.  Box Hill is much more famous for its Asian Cuisine and cheap eats, but this deceptively spacious cafe just down the road offers up some surprisingly "inner suburb" fare.  

The front of the cafe was packed with weekend brunchers when Hubby and I rocked up with Bubs having an early nap in the pram. (Yes to uninterrupted brunch date!)  It felt like we were at one of my favourite cafes around Hawthorn or Fitzroy.   We were shown to the back room which housed about 6 or so tables and it was actually a very pleasant area to dine in, with plenty of room for prams and high chairs.  

Hubby and I both had a mocha each ($4.2).  A surprisingly nice mocha with a good balance of chocolate and coffee.   They do serve large sized coffees for 50c more, but I've never understood the concept of having a more dilute coffee for the sake of volume, especially since the balance of each of the components in a cup of coffee can make such a big difference to its taste.

We decided to share a serve of their Eggs Benedict ($18.5).  Rough cut bacon on toast is the twist here.  Quite nice in contrast to the usual delicate ham. The Hollandaise was quite nice and tangy.

The yolk was sweet and gooey. Yum!

Hubby was going to have the Bubble and Squeak but in the end we just shared the Benedict as I had my eye set on the Sticky Date Pudding ($8.5).  Despite (and because of) going to the gym that morning, having a large breakfast AND an indulgent dessert at 11am was probably not going anywhere but my hips.  And I'm so very glad we had this as it was an excellent Sticky Date Pudding, as judged by my self-professed Sticky Date Connoisseur Hubby.  It's a pretty decently sized serve for the price, and is perfect for sharing.  Our Waiter Dude told us that when he had the day off on his birthday last week, he came back to work to have THIS as he enjoyed the treat so much.

I know that lots of people complain about the cost of the coffee, and the food IS quite pricey for a suburban cafe.  But for us, this is really quite a nice cafe that is closer to home, so the cost of the petrol saved balances out the higher prices.  We'll definitely be back for the Sticky Date Pudding!

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Toilets - Yes
Highchair - Yes


  1. OMG hahaha we really did order the same food :P all i can say is great minds definitely think and 'eat' a like hehe :) I was just about to blog about Red Cup Cafe too hehe ~ And i totally agree with even though, people complain about the cost, I think it's still acceptable given that it's so close :)

  2. The sticky date pudding does look like a nice big slice! :D And yay for interrupted dates :D

  3. After 18 months of living in the Eastern 'burbs I ams till trying to finding a good weekend breakfast place, so will definitely be adding this one to the list to try.
    (though in saying that I still haven't got to other places people have recommended)

  4. mmmm totally want that sticky date pudding!

  5. That sticky date does look amazing. I love the look of the eggs benedict too but I would like them to be a little more generous with the sauce. Glad you've found a great place to go for brunch xx

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