Friday, November 30, 2012

Eat. @ Mister Close

Shop 13, Midtown Plaza, 246 Bourke St, Melbourne CBD 3000 ph (03) 9654 7778

Mr Close is found in Midtown Plaza, near the entrance to the city branch of Daiso, and it's not where you expect a cool cafe with excellent coffee would be.  But it is exactly that, and more!  Firstly I HAD to know who Mr Close is/was, and a look at their website reveals that Mr Close was the Year 8 teacher that taught the lads who run this joint Geography.  (This brought back hilarious memories of MY Year 8 Geography teacher who used to wiggle his bum unintentionally every time he wrote on the blackboard, tehehe!)  Anyways Mr Close sounds like a cool dude who would "take you around the world", just as the "honest food" served here aims to do!

A mid morning visit meant I was having brunch again (Mummies don't get to eat breakfasts till late) so I ordered the aptly named Fast Breaker, a roll filled with housemade thyme mayo & relish, tomato, bacon, poached egg and toasted.  Yummy combo and I especially liked the thickly sliced bacon.

Of course I had my usual mocha which was lovely and smooth, with beautiful latte art.

Macaron Monster had already had breakfast (even if I don't get to eat in the morning I DO try and make sure my kids do!) so a hot chocolate was a treat.  

We shared a canele from Gâteaux de Bordeaux.  Oh I love these custardy soft but crispy things.    These ones are some of the best in Melbourne.  One is never enough! 

The cafe was spacious inside with room for prams.  There were no high chairs but the kids, even Bubs, did okay on the benches next to me.  On the other side of the cafe is another area with lower tables to sit, ideal for office workers in the area or uni students taking a break.

Lovely to see a great cafe bang smack in the middle of town.  We will definitely be back to try their other offerings.

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Toilet - yes, in the centre
Highchair - not that I could find


  1. What a great looking cafe and I love how there's space around the tables instead of being all crammed in. I can imagine everyone being very amused whenever the teacher wrote anything on the board! xx

  2. Ohhh I've heard about Mister close but haven't visited :) Not good that you skip breakfast but it sure looked good with the THICK THICK bacon hehe LOVE IT!

    And the Canele OMG it's so hard to find good ones don't you agree? :D

  3. I liked that in the midst of all the quick and easy Asian options, lies this cool and funky cafe :)

  4. What a fun choice! I love canneles if they're done well! :D

  5. Yes! I actually quite enjoyed their coffee when I was there catching up with a mate. We didn't have food (just coffee) but that didn't stop me from peeping at what everyone else at the other tables were eating. I too feel happy to know there is a cafe as nice as this dead smack centre of the CBD =]

  6. oooh! canele alert! There isn't any around when you want it huh?! But when one is spotted, you run towards it

  7. ahh that's where you can buy caneles! Walked pass this place many times :)

  8. Can you sent one of those sandwich??!!! Thanks for sharing