Saturday, January 19, 2013

Eat. @ Breakfast Thieves

Shop 1, 420 Gore St, Fitzroy 3065 ph (03) 9416 4884

Hey I'm back!  I've had a 6 week break from blogging as multiple happenings over the holiday period had kept me otherwise occupied, but welcome to 2013 and I am looking forward to a bigger and better year!  To start things off I wanted to write about a cafe that has truly *ahem* stolen our hearts in the last few months - Breakfast Thieves.  I've been a couple of times in the recent months, once for a break by myself while Bubs slept in the pram, and another with the whole gang during a busy Saturday school holiday brunching hour.  Apart from the delicious food and coffee, the thing that has kept, and will keep on bringing me back is the friendly service.

With my recent "healthier lifestyle" I have been drinking skinny mocha's when I've been out.   The mochas here have been really good despite the use of lower fat milk.  In an effort to prevent Macaron Monster from knocking over a bottle of juice, I of course knocked over MY cup of coffee!  The staff was very nice - they quickly helped me clean up, and before I knew it another cup of mocha appeared.  It was much appreciated!

Hubby's cappuccino came in pretty blue cup and even prettier latte art.

I tried The Breakfast Chain ($16) the first time I was here.  This was a mini smorgasbord of breakfast goodies including two perfectly boiled gooey eggs with brioche soldiers, a side of vanilla yogurt with house made granola, and a fruit based side.  This was in the form of a fruit crumble when I visited the first time, and a summer fruit panzanella the next.  It's a perfect meal for someone like me, who can never decide what to have, so a little of everything is very enticing!  

It's also great for kids, and Mini Me and Macaron Monster shared this on my second visit. 

So much fun and deliciousness dipping the brioche soldiers into the gooey eggy goodness.

It was past 11:30am and the lunch menu had also kicked you, so Hubby did not hesitate to order the Kazman Wagyu Burger ($17).  The patty had wagyu and water chestnut, and came with a fried egg, green mango slaw, in a toasted brioche bun, with a side of hand cut chips and wasabi mayo.  I'm not one for veggie filled, herby type burgers but I was surprised at how well this combo worked!  Hubby has voted this one of his all time favourite wagyu burgers (the other being the one from Ezard.)  We were both totally blown away by the awesome chips and dip.

I don't usually take pics of already eaten food (I seem to be doing it a bit in this post!) but this burger is crazy good and looked amazing to boot.

We finished off the meal with the Brioche Pan Perdu ($16), a brioche French toast served with  raspberry coulis soaked cherries, white chocolate mascarpone and candied pistachios.  Every bite was melt in the mouth buttery eggy goodness, then you get the sweet tang of the cherries and then bang, the crunch of the pistachio.  So, so good and I will definitely order this again!

The service was prompt, friendly and efficient, and the staff was most accommodating with our kids and prams and little accidents.  They even had some good old fashioned Little Golden Books lying around for the kids.

I have no doubt this will be a favourite of ours throughout 2013!

Toilets - Yes, spacious and kid friendly
Highchair - Yes

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  1. Welcome back! I love the look of these breakfast dishes. What fresh presentation! And that half-eaten burger looks amazing. What a great find xx

  2. The internet needs more puns. I salute you. ;)

    And the food looks and sounds really good. Will have to check it out.

  3. Breakfast of Thieves! Been hearing all about this place for a while so glad to have come across this. And hey, I think we're all on the same boat with our breaks from blogging over the holidays! Soemtimes them breaks don't seem long enough eh hahaha... Good to ahve you back cheers to another great year of blogging/eating ahead =D

  4. Welcome back :) WOO HOO you're blogging again! Don't worry about taking a break we all need sometime to ourselves sometimes hehe! I loved Breakfast Thieves last time I went and agree that service was quick but friendly hehe!

    i loved the breakfast board and thought it was a very generous serving with both savoury and sweet dishes :) But now I didn't know that they had such an amazing burger will need to go back and try!