Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eat. @ Cacao Lab

Driver Lane, Melbourne CBD 3000 ph (03) 9662 4777

Since H & M opened and essentially took over the entire GPO Building, Cacao has had to relocate from its little shop bang smack in the middle of the open space it used to occupy.  Sometimes when life hands you lemons, you go and make a super duper extra special crazy awesome jug of lemonade with it, and I reckon the team at Cacao has done just that by opening Cacao Lab in its new location, right at the foot of the brand spanking new Emporium Melbourne.  

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the launch of this new store when it  officially opened its doors recently, and I must say I was quite impressed with the new concept. 

We were treated to trays of delicious savoury snacks, from little brioche sliders, to some pretty interesting savoury macarons.  I am not usually a fan of macarons in savoury dishes but these little red bites were quite interesting, topped with basil, tomato and buffalo.  

These were followed by their sweet treats, from little choux pastry (with a smile) and beakers of mango mousse.....

 to cute test tubes of pina colada and little ice cream pops.

The staff (who are the regular staff that work in the shop) were friendly and helpful, which is good because there were a lot of interesting creations in their display!

The large display cabinets showcased the amazing creations that are whipped up by their talented team on a daily basis.  Little cakes, fancy eclairs, colourful macarons and luscious chocolates. I couldn't stop taking endless photos of them, so here goes!

My Hubby had not been able to come with me as he looked after our 3 kidlets at home, so it was great that we got given showbags full of goodies to take home and let me redeem myself  for him to try out the amazing goodies.

There is now limited seating in the store, so you can enjoy the sweet stuff with a hot or cold drink, and makes for an excellent place to have a rest after a shopping frenzy at the Emporium.

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Disclaimer : I attended the Cacao Lab Launch Event courtesy of Cacao Lab and Tink PR. 


  1. oh wow .. I love those yellow lollipop-y things .. what are they?

    1. They are passionfruit pops from memory! I think they were made specially for the night!