Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eat. @ Adeney Milkbar Cafe

70 Adeney Avenue, Kew ph (03) 9817 3993

My friend Helen did our post grad training together and we caught up over lunch at Adeney Milkbar Cafe one Sunday.  Her hubby had been here before but it was a first for both of us.

As you can guess Adeney used to be a milk bar and it's been converted to a cute little local cafe.  It does still have the drinks and ice-cream coolers so it is still a milk bar!  Across the road is a park and there are tables out front which is great when there's good weather and a good spot for human and fur kids. 

My mocha ($4.2) was plenty decent with Industry Beans.  

I ordered The Salmon Bagel ($10) which had salmon, cream cheese, chives, cucumbers and rocket on a toasted bagel.  I was too busy chatting with Helen and totally missed that there were rocket on this (I hate it with a passion!)  so I removed all the rocket and the bagel was totally awesome after that. 

Helen had the smashed avocado ($14) which had avocado, feta, mint and lemon on toasted multigrain.  It looked pretty decent and she quite enjoyed it.   

As we were paying I spied there display of sweet goodies at the front and of course honed in on the doughnuts which are from Doughboys Doughnuts.  Helen bought a muffin for her Hubby at his request.

I took home an earl grey which was really delicious (well, the 1/5 that I got of it!)

Adeney Milk Bar is a nice little corner cafe which has quite good coffees and is a popular spot for the locals.  Wish my local milk bar was like this...... nope it still just sells cigarettes and fried dim sims.

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