Thursday, July 2, 2015

Eat. @ The Kettle Black

50 Albert Road, South Melbourne 3205 ph (03) 9088 0721 

Melbourne is certainly bringing on the cold, and it already feels like it's been winter for aaaages!  On a cold, wet and super wintery morning, Bubs and I finally ventured over to South Melbourne to try The Kettle Black on our brunch roulette.  

The eatery spans a few rooms, giving it a slightly different but still cosy feel to the restaurant.  We had a short wait for a table on a week day, and I've heard it's super crowded on the weekend.  Bubs took the time to peruse the baked goodies display, naming all the different sweet treats like a pro. 

Once we were seated my mocha arrived with the pretty coffee art on a cheery blue saucer.  The coffee was great.

I ordered the Fresh Cray Fish in an ash roll ($21), which is quite the signature dish here.   The presentation is beautiful, as expected since The Kettle Black hails from the crew at Top Paddock.  The crayfish was tasty, but the lime and yuzu mayonaise knocks the it out of the ball park and I would definitely order this again.  

Bubs only wanted a sweet that morning and enjoyed his cupcake from the display.

I would've love to try more of the menu but there's only so much I can order just for Bubs and I - the advantage of having a family is that we can share more dishes!!  Can't wait to come back with the rest of the gang!

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  1. Lime / Yuzu Mayo .. yum .. been thinking of a sauce for lobster roll recipe .. might have to experiment with that!