Monday, July 13, 2015

Eat. @ Passionflower

Shop 2, 168 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD 3000 ph (03) 9663 0033

Macaron Monster is growing up so fast, and has absolutely taken after me in loving desserts.  We looked for a post dinner dessert destination in the CBD one night and landed at Passionflower.

It's bright, it's noisy, and it's got lots of ice-cream and waffle based desserts.  

We started off with a pot of english breakfast tea ($5), that came with a cute little cup.  I actually would've liked a bigger cup as we had to keep making small cups of tea again and again, although it did entertain the kids for a bit!

We ordered The Masterpiece ($26) to share.  A dessert platter of sorts with lots of little bits to try, including chocolate banana crepe, tiramisu, green tea mousse, strawberry and cream pikelets, and an ice cream sundae with milky white and black sesame rice balls.  An excellent dessert to share, the tiramisu was surprisingly good, and the mousse had a good dose of green tea.  The sundae had azuki bean, coconut and taro ice-cream scoops which were interesting flavours that the kids enjoyed trying, and my favourite bit was actually those chewy rice balls in the waffle basket.

We also ordered a Geisha San ($15.5) which was an ice-cream sundae with scoops of green tea ice cream and rose and lychee ice-cream, served with orange and lychee.

The desserts were nothing super fancy or technically difficult, but it was a bright and cheery spot for a sweet pitstop for our family.

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